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The Progress Report block provides STUDENTS with an overview of their progress in regards to activities in a given course.
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The "My Progress" block provides STUDENTS with an overview of their progress in regards to activities in a given course. This block is not shown to teachers. Each line in the block also acts as a link, which provides students with a list of the relevant activities (example: when a student clicks on X Incomplete activities, his/her incomplete activates will get listed).


Dear NED Plugin users:
We have been maintaining these plugins for many years and raising funds to keep this work going has been an ongoing challenge, especially in the last couple years. To keep these plugins alive, we must shift to a paid membership model. This decision was not taken lightly, since we value and appreciate the spirit of sharing that is demonstrated daily by the Moodle community at large. But we also don’t want to abandon our plugins and the schools that rely on them. We hope that this move will allow us to improve the quality of our plugins and keep pace with the timeline of the Moodle releases. We are still figuring out the details but it’s likely that we will offer a tiered membership system (ex. different prices for individuals vs schools) as well as options for non-profits. We look forward to updating our current lineup of plugins and to creating new plugins to meet the needs of learners and instructors alike.
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This plugin is part of set NED.


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NED Support (Lead maintainer)
Fernando Oliveira: Original maintainer
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  • Anthony Borrow
    Wed, Sep 18, 2013, 9:12 AM
    Fernando - Many thanks for sharing yet another addon with the Moodle community. I have created a MoodleFN set - - for the MoodleFN addons you have shared. That way folks can see all of them together. I made the short description describe more directly what this addon does and moved the note about it being designed to work with a course format (suggested but not required and thus not a dependency) to the notes section. I also added the http protocol to the URLs so that they are now functional. For the tracker it looks like you prefer to have folks comment on your website. If at some point you want to switch to something like Github's issue tracker or to use the Moodle Tracker for tracking issues just let me know. I've reviewed and tested the plugin and it seems to function as expected. Peace - Anthony
  • Fri, Jun 22, 2018, 2:48 PM
    Every one have right for the progress and all students might get information about course and can get admission. The support and help for go ahead works for needy acts. This mention in site for more search.
  • Wed, Sep 26, 2018, 9:16 PM
    How can I make a translation of it to for portuguese? What are the steps?
    I tried change some files but had no success.
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