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Faculty Contact block creates an auto-generated list of faculty and their contact information on a course.
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Faculty Contact block creates an auto-generated list of faculty and their contact information on a course. Roles considered 'faculty' can be globally selected, and the user profile is extended with some new profile fields for office location, office hours, professional salutation, and biography URL. When set, these are shown in the faculty contact block.

Automating setting & updating these new profile fields:

The moodle 'Site Admin -> Users -> Accounts -> Upload users' functionality can be used to upload a CSV file with
the profile data in it. Upload a CSV file of the following format, with this header line, and line for each
faculty or moodle user you want to add or modify the new fields for:

johanr,Johan,Reinalda,,Asst. Prof. Reinalda,My Building Rm X,MWF 1-2PM,

Note that the fields "username,firstname,lastname,email" are required by Moodle.
The other fields map to the specific new profile fields that are added by this block.
Make sure you select the proper settings for your environment when uploading the csv
(specifically, look at 'Upload type", and "Select for bulk user actions = Yes")
See also the sample CSV file in the "docs" directory/


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  • Picture of Shalini Sejwani
    Tue, 10 Jun 2014, 3:11 PM
    please update this plugin
  • Picture of Johan Reinalda
    Wed, 11 Jun 2014, 12:15 AM
    If you mean an update for 2.7, this is current in testing. You can already download it from the git repository (see Source Control Url above)
    If not that, please specify your needs.
  • Picture of Andreas Giesen
    Tue, 4 Nov 2014, 7:16 PM
    Using this Block on a Moodle 2.6: I have someone assigned the role "manager" on course-level. He ist supposed to be able to change the additional text for the block. However, he does noch get that option under "configuration" in the course, only to change title and placement etc. Could not figure our where to change the rights for this setting to make tha available for him. Any ideas? smile
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