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Graphic, one query dashboard element using MIT library JQplot and other libraries
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The dashboard element bloc is of use with flexible Moodle
page formats allowing free setup of the dashboard page layout using blocks.

It implements a "dashboard element" capable to plot and render in
many graphic output formats any result of a complex query presented
to the Moodle database (or an eventual external PostGre schema).

Given a full query, the dashboard block mashes up :

- Data table output
   + Linear (records) data table
   + Tabular (cross dimension) tables
   + Treeview (on hierarchical mapped results)
- Graphic plotting using JQPlot
   + Line graphs
   + Bar graphs
   + Pie graphs
   + Donuts graphs
- Geographic plotting (using GoogleMaps API)
   + Google Maps + query data plotting
   + Possibility to change icons and plor mutiple class data using course files
   + Geocoding requests to Google handled (up to 2500 per day) with static long term caching
   => Will evolve

- Time special plotting : Integrating SIMILE Timeline plugin
   + Plot on a timeline plugin of "instant" and "time duration" events
   + possibility of setting up color classes for events
   + possibility to customize "instant" pin icons from course files
   => Will evolve

- Data output additional features
  + Data output formatting (using sprintf formatting)
  + Filters (selecting output or query fields for filtering)
  + Summators : displaying computed sums of output fields
  + Cumulative mode : Produces cumulative sum of a field without extra query
  + Data colouring and marking (on tables) using comparison formulas (ex: %% == 0 )
  + Mappable Labels for ALL query field names

- Performance features
  + Result caching (programmable retension delay)
  + Croned refresh of cache
  + Instance adjustable refresh mode or global cron settings

Dependancies :

You will need to add the custom extra libraries additions from https://github.com/vfremaux/moodle-local_vflibs to get the plotter libraries.

Get the adequate branch for your major Moodle version and install the libraries as a moodle/local component.


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Valery Fremaux (Lead maintainer)
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  • Sat, Aug 13, 2016, 6:09 AM
    Hi Valery,

    This block has been very helpful for setting up a "high scores" block on our courses. Would you be willing to enhance the plugin to support multiple languages via language markup tags? Details here: https://moodle.org/plugins/filter_multilangsecond
  • Mon, Dec 26, 2016, 8:33 PM
    not working with 3.2
  • Mon, Dec 26, 2016, 9:03 PM
    Hi guys. dashboard plugin will soon have a deep review planned. This might also consider some compatibility with 3.2 version. As for all of my (at the moment) 135 developped plugins, There will be a common development schedule in order to split a "community" version and a "pro" version of this plugin. Community will address basic usages, most standard libraries and renderers. "Pro" version will address richer development perimeter, such as performance optimisation, webservices, better automation and flexibility, additionnal outputs, productivity features.
  • Ben Haensel
    Tue, May 16, 2017, 3:25 AM
    I wish to concatenate a link to a course using the Dashboard plugin, yet characters such as question marks and equal signs aren't allowed. Here is what I've tried:

    concat('',c.fullname,'') as course

    It errors out with the message "invalid or obsolete query" until you remove the question mark and the equal sign. Is there a specific file in the plugin to remove a regex or replace expression that is searching for these characters? Thanks for any help! -Ben, 320.309.4634
  • Wed, May 17, 2017, 2:48 AM
    Hi Ben. I will have a bunch of work these next wks on the dashboard to clean up code and make setup more understandable. Spcially what i want is the bloc to report correctly the exacty SQL error the DB gives in backoffice, so making easier to debug the query. At the immediate moment i do not really see where i could have some processing of those ? and = signs... but the code is dense and i will need to swim a bit back in it...
  • Ben Haensel
    Wed, May 17, 2017, 5:30 AM
    Thanks for your quick reply about the Dashboard block! I'm excited to test out a new version if you get a beta one working or if you discover where I could remove the code for the = and ? signs.

    We use the Essential theme, and the block fights with css for that and displays in reports in the block form in a weird place.

    I'll be eager to test the block if you could send me an updated version in the next few weeks. If you'd like to chat sometime, let me know. I've done a lot of reporting with the configurable reports block. Thanks again! -Ben
  • Thu, May 18, 2017, 1:47 PM
    can anybody help me, how to plot multiple graphs! I am using it on moodle 3.3, it work perfectly for one query, but I want to show multiple graphs which show the data from different table using multiple queries.
  • Thu, May 18, 2017, 5:38 PM
    Hi Rajeet, you cannot do that. Dashboard block is to be thought as a "Dashboard element" which processes one query with one result and some rendering option choices on this result. The block has been designed to be asembled in dashboard, pursuant you display the rendering in the block content space, and use the bloc on a course format or a plugin that can renders blocks in a free layout. The format "page" was the original candidate, but i kkow there are now activities that allow you assemble blocks in a page, and thus let you assemble several dashboard elements in a single page.

    Note that in such eventuality, the "g" option of the filters that allow you couple filters between dashboad instances and get filters switching accordingly in all elements at the same time.

  • Sat, Dec 16, 2017, 3:18 PM
    Hi Valery ,

    i try to install your plugin with local_vflib file but it's taking to much time ....so i think i might place local_vflib file at wong place in dashboard
    so can you please tell me where should i place local_vflib file
  • Thu, May 10, 2018, 9:19 PM
    Hi Valery,
    This plugin looks very useful & I am interested in using it but am running 3.4.2
    Are there plans to update this plugin for the latest release or should I try the 3.0 version?
  • Fri, Feb 1, 2019, 6:23 PM
    Hello Valery Fremaux ,
    The idea behind your plugin is great .
    But the problem is that it supports only until moodle 3.0 , and it's not working in moodle 3.5 (which is my current version) i really need this plugin , or if there is another one similar to it ( getting a graphic dashboard for manager from a query ) kindly send me the link.
  • Thu, Jan 16, 2020, 2:08 AM
    Buenas tardes para 3.8+ ya tendrán el complemento listo?
  • Wed, Aug 19, 2020, 9:50 PM
    I am using this plugin on moodle 3.6.2. I have a problem: The output for the query that I entered is blank, but when I generate an output file, records are present in the file. So I am not sure why no output is visible in the block. Please help me resolve this problem
  • Wed, Mar 31, 2021, 1:53 AM
    Hola, este complemento sirve para la version 3.8? Gracias
  • Fri, Oct 8, 2021, 10:38 AM
    Hi, can check these also, ?
    - how many new registered users,
    - who are the new registrant today
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