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Maintained by with daughter Fumikazu Iseki
This autoattend block is modification of the Attendance block by Mr. Dmitry Pupinin (v1.0.8, 2007). In addition to the original manual mode, automatic attendance mode (from the access log of Moodle) and semi-automatic attendance mode (user clicks a link) are also possible.
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These Auto Attendance block and module are modification of the Attendance block/module of Mr. Dmitry Pupinin (v1.0.8, 2007).

In addition to the manual attendance mode to take attendance manually the original, automatic attendance mode (from the access log of Moodle) and semi-automatic attendance mode (user clicks a link) are also possible.

I strongly recommend a combination of Auto Attendance block (autoattend) and Auto Attendance module (autoattendmod).

Feedback please!! 
If there are only few feedbacks, we can't continue the this research and development!!
There are only few feedbacks (only 6) from teachers now. (26 Nov. 2015) sad

15 March  2016
I released new support module (homeroom module).  
homeroom module displays all students's attendances of the all courses.


This plugin is part of set Auto attendance.


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Screenshot #1
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with daughter
Fumikazu Iseki (Lead maintainer)
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  • Picture of David Conrad
    Thu, 30 Jun 2016, 11:41 PM
    is mod_autoattendmod required for block_autoattend?
  • with daughter
    Fri, 1 Jul 2016, 11:18 AM
    It is not required, but I recommend to install it.
  • Picture of Jason Walker
    Wed, 6 Jul 2016, 11:33 PM
    Just so anyone having the same issue as me (Potential coding error - existing temptables found when disposing database. Must be dropped!) when doing a backup, you must have both the block and module installed to be able to backup a course. We get the functionality we want with just the block, so I wish there was a way to use the plugin without the module installed!
  • Picture of Rafael Mota
    Fri, 12 Aug 2016, 6:29 AM
    How the automatic attendance is taken ? The students must be online during all the session ?
  • Picture of Chester Folming
    Mon, 22 Aug 2016, 5:31 PM
    Dear Fumikazu

    Thank you for your good work.

    I would like to ask you what do you do in relation to summer time (daylight saving time)?
    I discovered that if I create sessions that - cross the date where we are supposed to reset the clock - all sessions are pushed one hour forward.
    (That is in the Fall - in the spring sessions will be moved one hour later than intended).

    If I take this into account and compensate this hour - will the "session start" remain correct when we pass 30th of October 2016?
  • with daughter
    Sun, 4 Sep 2016, 4:12 PM
    Sorry, I have no ideas now.
  • Picture of Shannon Carpenter
    Thu, 15 Dec 2016, 3:22 AM
    Is anyone using auto-attendance with 3.1? We are upgrading shortly and wanted to make sure it works with 3.1.
    Thank you!
  • with daughter
    Wed, 11 Jan 2017, 4:39 PM
    latest auto-attendance can work with 3.1 or 3.2
  • Picture of Greg Young
    Tue, 21 Feb 2017, 11:13 PM
    Have a issue that if I have a student unenroll from a class, I am no longer able to access their attendance record up to the day they dropped the class (unless I add them back to the class).

    I have tried leaving them enrolled (but suspending them) but they still show up on future attendance sheets. Also tried putting them in different attendance classes (or the excluded class) but than I still end up loosing all of their attendance.

    Easiest solution I can think of is for Auto Attend to mark students with a 'Suspended' status as 'Not Called'. Can this be done?
  • Picture of Greg Young
    Wed, 22 Feb 2017, 9:45 PM
    Thinking about this further, Suspending a student won't work in the scenario of a student changing courses... Is there another way a students attendance can be stored/viewed if they are no longer enrolled in a class?
  • Picture of Greg Young
    Wed, 22 Feb 2017, 10:34 PM
    Sorry for all the comments...

    I think the best solution would be to have the ability to copy a students previous attendance over when you change a students class within the autoattend block (in Users List).

    Is this possible to implement?
  • with daughter
    Thu, 18 May 2017, 8:03 PM
    Hi, Sorry for my late reply.
    I have been sick since this January.
    My physical condition is not recovering now.

    Currently, maintenance is difficult.
  • Picture of Paul Baumeister
    Mon, 22 May 2017, 11:29 PM
    Does this module take weekly attendance of courses? How can I ensure that it does not add a student to attendance list if the student finishes the course?

  • Picture of Miki Alliel
    Tue, 31 Oct 2017, 9:07 PM
    This is a great plugin but
    I have 2 problems with this plugin
    We use Moodle 3.3
    when we set multiple sessions for about a year from now, a certain hour once a week (let's say 14:00) we get all sessions fine until March, then after March (when our clocks moves 1 hour forward - summer time) all sessions set to 15:00 (1 hour forward) instead of 14:00 .
    How can we fix this problem?
    We have correct timezone setting in php.ini Asia/Jerusalem (in our case) .
    Everything in our Moodle (assignments\quizes) with dates and time works just fine except this issue in this plugin.
    Any change I can do in the code?

    When I try to click on the "P" link ( Present) so all student will be present with the radio buttons - nothing happens (see image), no respond
    (in Moodle 2.9 this issue works fine).

    Hope there is a solution for that?

    Thanks a lot
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