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Maintained by Damian Alarcon
An Atto plugin to import content from the
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An Atto plugin to import content from the Studietube


Publish content from Studietube


- Open your Site administration

- Select Plugins -> Install plugins and upload the zip file containing this plugin, alternatively you can add the content of this plugin directly to /lib/editor/atto/plugins and open moodle on your browser to complete the installation process

- Go to Site administration -> Security -> Site security settings and turn on "Enable trusted content"


- To use the plugin, simply open any Atto editor and you should see the Studietube button on the toolbar

- Click on the Studietube button and login if you're asked

- Select any of the media stored on Studietube to add it directly into the editor


Screenshot #0
Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2


Damian Alarcon (Lead maintainer)
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