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Enrolment Key Generator (EKG) is an administrative block (usable by teachers and above) which creates random course enrolment keys from lists of words, but with a number of configuration options if you are not keen on the defaults.
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EKG takes a few different options and combines them according to your choices (or the defaults). It starts with any of the following:

  • Three, four or five letter words
  • Randomly generated alpha-numeric characters
  • Randomly generated numbers
  • A SHA1 hash
  • Words from custom text files
  • Hybrid keys based on a mix of all of the above
  • ...and more.

It then puts a number of them together (you specify how many) with a separator (which you supply). You can choose to add a prefix and/or a suffix to the keys, and you can also transform the text into UPPERCASE, lowercase or Title Case.

There are a number of supplied custom word lists containing related words (such as chemical elements, colours, verbs etc) which you can choose if you wish, or supply your own. Read the readme for more information.

Note: A version of this block exists for Moodle 1.9: (No longer in active development.)


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Me, with my new 'slow explosion' hair!
Paul Vaughan (Lead maintainer)
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