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Add Group notion to Quiz. Only one member of a group can do the quiz and the grade is then dispatched to all the group's members
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Group Quiz

Sub-plugin of Moodle Quiz to enable the group notion for the quiz.
Must be install under `.../mod/quiz/report/group`.
Available in French and English.

How it works


This plugin is a Quiz Report plugin type.

It must be installed under `.../mod/quiz/report/group`. 

Set up and usage

The plugin creates a menu entry under Quiz > Report > Group quiz.

The plugin is available in every quiz and is set up from this menu.

By default, the group notion is not activated in the quiz as the grouping selected is "no grouping".

Students are grouped using the course grouping and group tools in the course. To activate the group quiz, the teacher must select a grouping when creating the quiz to define which group to use for the group quiz. If a grouping is selected, only one student per group can fill up the quiz.

If the "no grouping" choice is selected, the quiz behaves normally without taking the groups into account.

Copy the grades to the group's members
Once the students are done answering, the teacher can copy the grade registered for each participant to the rest of their respective group members in the Gradebook.

The grades copy can be done at any time. 

So every time a teacher edit an attempt in the result view of the quiz, or a student is moved from a group to another, the copy will take into account the changes and overwrite the previous grade.

  • If a teacher deletes an attempt, the Gradebook is not cleared of the copied grades. It must be done manually by the teacher.
  • If a student is in more than one group in the same grouping, the system will only consider his first affiliation.
  • Do not change the grouping if some attempts exist for a given quiz.


Regarding personal data handling, our plugin stores in its DB Table the userID with the corresponding quiz_attemptID for the Group representative.

The Privacy API will be handled in a future release.

TODO in the next update
  • Instantiate the Backup / Restore 
  • Do not allow grouping changing if an attempt already exist in the DB.


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