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Part of the Adaptable UI set, this block allows you to add a news slider that displays: 1: Unread course announcements (from all enrolled courses) 2: Site announcements (front page news announcements) 3: Both of the above (combined course and site announcements) The slider uses the jQuery slick slider and whilst designed to work with the Adaptable Theme, it *may* work with other themes.
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Moodle News Slider is a jquery news slider that integrates the slick carousel jquery slider with some customisation.  It has been designed to work well on large and small screen devices.  It displays site announcements, course announcements for the current user, or both of these.   These are ordered by date.

Currently this plugin works only with the Adaptable theme, version 1.4 onwards.


Each slider instance can be configured to display only site announcements, course announcements or both. There are also options for max length of subject and excerpt strings.  Full configuration options available are shown below.  When used on a course page, only that specific course's unread announcements will display.

General configuration

  • Configurable max length of excerpt
  • Configurable max length of subject
  • Use caching plus cache expiry time

Per instance configuration

  • Option to display site news or course news or both
  • Maximum number of site announcements to display
  • Maximum period (in days) to show site announcements for
  • Link to older news items
  • Show bullet (dots) navigation on bottom of slider


  • Moodle 3.2, 3.3, 3.4
  • Adaptable version 1.4 onwards

Guidelines for use

You may want to experiment with the general configuration settings. E.g. for wider displays, you could increase max lengths of excerpts and vice-versa.


This plugin is part of set Adaptable UI.


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