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Connect Moodle with your kuraCloud instance. (Requires a paid kuraCloud subscription) This block allows a Moodle course to be mapped to a kuraCloud course. Student accounts are synchronised from Moodle to kuraCloud and grades are synchronised back from kuraCloud to Moodle.
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kuraCloud plugin for Moodle

This block allows syncing between your Moodle course and kuraCloud. A Moodle course is mapped to a kuraCloud course to let them synchronise the student and grade data.


Students are synchronised from Moodle to kuraCloud. When the sync user enrolments link is clicked, changes in the Moodle course's student enrolment are reflected in kuraCloud, adding, removing and updating students as required. When a student is added to the kuraCloud course they are sent an invite to create a kuraCloud account.


Grades for lessons completed in the linked kuraCloud course are synchronised back into the Moodle Gradebook. When the sync grades from kuraCloud link is clicked, changes to the grades in kuraCloud are reflected in Moodle.


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