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This plugin adds a resource module. Teachers can use it to communicate groups and group co-members to participants.
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This plugin adds a resource module that shows all groups, all groups of a predefined grouping, or all groups that someone is enrolled in. Optionally, it displays email addresses of other members of one's group. In that, it respects a user's decision not to reveal his/her email address.

This module is added as a regular course module. That way, it fits neatly into course contents and can be displayed at any point in the course area that a teacher deems appropriate. The teacher chooses

  • which grouping to use (or none, in which case all groups of a course could be displayed)
  • which groups to show (only ones in which a participant is also enrolled, i.e. their "own" group, or all groups)
  • whether email addresses should be displayed in order to facilitate communication (can be limited to "own" group only)

Afterwards, participants can see a list of groups and their respective members, according to the configuration made by the teacher. Furthermore, if the messaging system is enabled on the site and the user is allowed to use it, a :email: messaging button is displayed right next to the user. This is expected to facilitate communication within the group.

Potential privacy issues

This plugins enables teachers to choose whether email addresses of participants will be displayed to other participants. However, the plugin strictly respects a user's individual setting whether their email address should be disclosed. If the user chooses not to reveal the address, the plugin won't do it.


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