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A clone of the internal private_files block that is at the system rather than user context. Files added to this block are available everywhere the block is visible (to all logged on users).
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Files added to this block are available in the system context - meaning all users can access them whenever and wherever this block is visible.

Only the site admin has the ability to add files. Allows any files types of any file size as per the system specification, including files and folders.

Clicking a filename prompts the user to download it (same as force download option).

This is a single-instance only block, and you can configure it's title - but that's about it. Other than that, it works exactly the same as the private_files block.

Files are not visible or accessible to guests or non-authenticated users.

Potential privacy issues

Site Administrator required to add files. Files are available to all users who are logged on. Don't upload files you don't want everybody to be able to access!


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