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Maintained by Justin Hunt
The button maker widget is a Bootstrap button maker. It allows the user to select a button style from those supported by Bootstrap, and to specify a link and button caption for the button
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The Generico button maker widget, as the name suggests, is a simple button maker widget. It relies on Bootstrap being available, which is usually the case in modern Moodle. No javascript or CSS are applied directly from the template so it is simple and reliable.

To install download the zip file and expand it. It contains a folder called presets. Inside the folder is the template bundle, Button-Maker.txt. Drag that file over the green bundle button on a blank Generico template settings page. The fields on the page should fill out. After you save the page, the template will be available from the Generico icon on the Atto html editor.

This template can also be used with PoodLL 3.


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Justin Hunt (Lead maintainer)
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