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The general aim of the theme, is to have a nice slightly corporate looking theme, which is fairly easy to completely change the colour scheme of, so that the administrator can more easily make it fit with their own institution’s corp id.
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Here's a list of the updates for this release, head to my blog for more info:

  • Colour problem with dock titles, fixed.
  • YUI3 tabs were putting tabs in the wrong order, this is fixed – I actually just removed YUI3 tabs from the theme and used the theme’s colour settings to skin tabs, so they match better now anyway.
  • Tidied up and fixed a heap of bugs in the display of the course boxes – they’re the boxes where courses are listed on the moodle home and when you search for stuff – they’re layed out nice and clear without a problem now.
  • Removed a bunch of not-needed commented out code :s… dunno why I left it there anyway.
  • Lots of little minor adjustments.
  • Skinned the Main Menu a little more so it uses the colours specified in the theme settings.  I also repositioned it so it actually looks nicer and more proper.
  • Mobile detection: I also did some quick n dirty mobile detection, and this may or may not go down good, I’m not sure.  It basically reshuffles the whole layout client-side; like in my previous post about making the themes a little smarter.  I realise Moodle 2.1 has some fancy mobile detection enhancements (understatement), but I don’t have time to suss them out properly so this is an interim solution just to make the viewing of Moodle via a mobile a little better/easier on the user.
  • Included in the mobile detection was some iPhone/iPad/iPod home screen icons – so if you bookmark Moodle to your home screen’s you get a nice Moodle icon.


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