Bulk Activity Creation

This block plugin allows users to create activities/resources in bulk. In other words, a moodle module can be copied to one or more courses or one or more categories/subcategories in one go.


Radically different, beautifully executed, and intelligently designed. Rebel is a unique and modern Boost-based theme that isn't afraid to be simple.


Diary is based on a highly modified version of the Journal plugin. It allows a user to create a new entry each day. Each entry can be individually rated, with results being shown based on the selected aggregate type of rating. Currently, the user can edit any entry, but cannot start a new entry on a skipped day. Weekly course format can use, Days available, setting to control entry edit access. Open time and Close time, can be used for weekly and any other course formats, to control entry edit access. When a Diary is closed and a user accesses the Diary, all entries are automatically shown, but cannot be edited. The teacher however, can continue to rate entriesand give feedback.

Behaviour Analytics

Behaviour Analytics is a Moodle block plugin that is intended for extracting sequential behaviour patterns of students from course access logs.

Image optimization

Images compression/optimization on uploading or updating Moodle hooks

SynHi filter

Syntax highlights 'code' or 'pre' tags with either EnlighterJS or SyntaxHighlighter. Either can be chosen by the administrator with a choice of styles. Before deciding a 'preview' is shown.

Masked field

This plugin allows the admin create user profile fields with custom masks.

Restriction by course progress

This plugin allows teachers to add activities with restriction based on the student course completion progress.

Webservice manage sections

Webservice Manage Sections allows you to manage the section structure of a moodle course via REST API. You can create, delete and move sections. Furthermore you can get the sectionsettings (name, summary, visibility, section format options, ... ) and update them.

Simple CSV format

A simple format for easy and fast creating multiple choice questions with one or more correct answers and no feedback using tables in any spreadsheet by saving it as plain/csv file.

Webservice get roles

This local plugin allows you to get moodles roles via REST API. There is no possibility to get role ids directly via rest api, though there are two core functions demanding for role id: core_role_assign_roles and core_role_unassign_roles.

Restriction by single quiz question

This is a Moodle conditional availability rule, which makes it possible to show or hide another resource, based on the state of one particular question in one quiz.

Evaluations (EvaSys)

Moodle block plugin which allows you to quickly and easily integrate survey information data from EvaSys into Moodle. With this block, you can place links to EvaSys online surveys directly on the Moodle frontpage and dashboard as well as on course overview pages.


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Enrol Stats

An Enrolment Stats list, that can be viewed by admin or the the person who has capability at the category level with a category drop down filter.


Provides edit and delete links to all activities and resources on a page. This is useful if there's some content that has broken the page layout.

Fail grade

A quiz access rule to prevent extra attempts after the user reach a passing grade

Integrity Advocate Block

Integrity Advocate (https://integrityadvocate.com/) is a tool for online identity verification and participation monitoring. You can use it as an online exam proctor. This block allows Moodle to show a proctoring interface to students, interact with the Integrity Advocate service, and show proctoring results to instructors.

Multiselect menu

This plugin is a new multiselect profile inspired from the existing select customfield (customfield/field/select). It allows for several choices to be selected using the usual multiselect form.

Hyperlink to book from znanium.com

This plugin is intended for use with russian digital library system Znanium. Plugin allows to insert links to books in html-area. Page in book can be specified. Module allows to view books without authentification on external site.

Book from znanium.com

This plugin is intended for use with russian digital library system Znanium. Course module is representing single book. Module allows to view books without authentification on external site.

Upload external content completions

Provides a bulk upload tool to load completions results for Moodle Courses that consist of a single External Content Activity, the information is loaded from a Text Delimited File

Upload external content courses

Provides a bulk upload tool to create Moodle Courses that consist of a single External Content Activity, the information is loaded from a Text Delimited File

External content

The module enables a teacher to create a resource using the text editor. The resource can display text, images, sound, video and web links. Advantages of using the External content module rather than the standard page module is that optionally if the content links to an external site that records a completion status these can then be imported.

Grades sorter

A moodle plugin to add a block to course providing a button to automatically sort grades in the same order than activities

Import to section

Import to section allows you to import a course or parts of a course into one specified section of a target course. The modules can even be in different sections in the source course.


Poodll WordCards is a word learning Moodle plugin. Words or phrases to be learnt are introduced with each instance of the activity. Students learn and review words by completing listen-and-type, choose-the-answer, speechcards or type-the-words tasks


The module to allow teachers to easy get into the MoodleNet tool to then go to MoodleNet