Token generator

An admin tool provides a web service for generating Moodle web service tokens. It conceptually works the same way as /login/token.php, but via web services.

Quiz Wifi Resilience Mode

The Wifiresilience accessrule is designed to allow students to continue work on deferred-feedback quiz attempts even if the network connection goes down. For this purpose Wifiresilience makes use of localstorage. Stored answers can be accessed, synced to server and also be downloaded manually in case connection does not come back.

Power BI

This plugins integrates PowerBI Embedded dashboards.

Media Poster

Activity module that displays a page with several blocks that can have different types of content. Among which there can be our File block. Can fetch its metadata from ResourceSpace. Dependencies: ResourceSpace website (optional, to fetch metadata) ResourceSpace repository plugin (optional) Docuementation and Download:

'ōhie format

This plugin will be used to import questions (multichoice, multichoiceset, shortanswer, essay, truefalse and numerical) from a CSV(Comma separated value) file into the question bank. 'ōhie: means easy to do in tahitian


WeChat payment gateway for Moodle.


Alipay payment gateway for Moodle.

Leeloo LXP Sliding Benefits Spots

Add an awesome responsive Sliding Benefits Spots section to your home page, dashboard or static pages. Manage all settings in a single page, right from your Leeloo LXP theme back end.


Teach live, one-on-one, or with a group, using the most versatile collaborative space for online lessons.

Login using Moodle Users

Login using Moodle Users is a local plugin where users can login to their external applications and Websites using their Moodle website credentials. Users will authenticate themselves via their Moodle credentials only once and they can access all the external applications.

Opencast Video Provider

This activity can be used to display and view Opencast episodes and series in Moodle. Users with respective privileges (in the following called teacher) can specify the ID of an existing Opencast episode/series to add it to their course. An embedded player allows students to watch the videos directly in Moodle. As with every activity, the teachers can restrict the access to the videos for students based on e.g. dates, grades or user profiles.

Block Game

Block Game - An option to apply gamification to the Moodle platform. The purpose of the plugin is to apply gamification techniques to the moodle platform in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Concordance of judgment

Question type subplugin for concordance of judgment questions, based on the main question type for concordance questions (

Offlinequiz Cronjob

The Offline Quiz Cron plugin adds an interface to the Offline Quiz activity (mod_offlinequiz) to inspect and change pending cronjobs for the Offline Quiz.

Assign Submission Download

The Assign Submission Download plugin (local_assignsubmission_download) allows to rename file submissions on download and to export a submission overview in various formats.

Easy Enrollments block

The Easy Enrollments block is block with form from Easy Enrollments method, which was available only in supported themes. From now you can use this enrolment method properly without supported theme prerequisity.

Leeloo LXP Content API Plugin

This plugin handles the authenticated API calls to sync the content plugins data from Leeloo LXP to Moodle LMS.

Leeloo LXP Content Filter

The Leeloo LXP Content Filter allows you to use shortcodes on a page without a { content – region } and display any of the Leeloo LXP Content Plugins from the Suite in the { content – region }.

Microsoft Word File Import/Export

This plugin is a shell plugin that has dependencies on all Microsoft Word File Import/Export set plugins. Installing this plugin forces installation of the set.

Pop up activities

The Pop up activities course format displays resources and simple activities embedded in modals instead of redirecting from the course page.

Secure PDF

Share your PDF to students without letting them to download or save it.