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Active quiz started originally as an update to the realtime quiz module, which has now grown into a separate module due to the very large functionality additions/changes. You will be able to offer in class quizzes on any device using a responsive theme, any question type from the question bank, use timed/not timed questions, grades reported back to the grade book, group quizzing (with a group attendance feature), view student responses in real time to offer in-class discussion about the results, and more!
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Michael de Raadt
Friday, December 4, 2015, 8:35 AM
General comments

A plugin for running quizzes live in a classroom. It works well with Multiple Choice questions and employs AJAX to show responses in real-time.

This plugin, and work around it, was presented at MootUS15. John Hoopes is a developer at the University of Wisconsin, so it has their backing.

This plugin is based on one by Davo Smith (Realtime Quiz, which seems to have been abandoned except for version updates).

Plugins survey usage
The plugin was not covered by the Plugins Usage Survey (2015).
Supported versions
2.6 to 2.9
As at Dec 4, 2015
Update frequency
Every few months
Feedback about plugin
Positive, suggestions

Installation process
Git, Zip

Documentation and help
  • Config page linked to docs, but not view page.
  • Docs could be enhanced with images and a video.
  • Good help strings
OK A bit cumbersome. There are quite a few buttons and bit more of the progression could be automated.
Tracker issues
Mostly resolved
Using Github
Translations Quite a few
Chinese, Czech, English, French, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Occitan, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Serbian, Spanish, Spanish - Mexico, Spanish - Venzuela
Dependencies Question bank
No worries there.
Error messages

Coding style
Numerous errors
When run through the Code Checker, there were a number of issues. They were mostly formatting issues.
Uses un-themable buttons in interface


Shows user names live while responding. There is an anonymous option, but perhaps that should be the default.
There were no unit tests or automated behavioural tests.
Some dynamic actions without ARIA tags

General recommendation: An good choice for schools and other sectors. It is not the simplest module, but provides desired functionality.