Activities: Booking

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The module is perfect for managing participants and subscription of online and offline courses and events.
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Stuart Mealor
Wednesday, May 9, 2012, 7:38 AM
General comments

This is starting to look like a really great plugin.

It can be used as a Booking form for Courses on your site, or, by changing the settings of the activity, for booking face-to-face workshops for example.  After installing (which was flawless) and testing we've found it to be reliable and stable.  There are some areas that can be improved, such as adding contextual help icons with clear descriptions of functionality.  Also, it's not totally clear how much 'manual control' there is for the booking approval process for enrolling in Courses (e.g. can booking be 'pending for approval'? - a bit like a Glossary entry can be).

Email confirmations can be automatically sent to the manager of the booking instance, but it might be better to be able to enter an email address rather than username (this way the booking could even be monitored by someone external).

The use of special forced user fields (profile fields) to gather additional information is a little awkward (as it's only Admin that can set this up).  It could be better if booking could be setup by Teachers with some additional 'required fields' such as Email address, Address, etc. as this plugin could then be used at commercial level as an effective Site Course Booking system.

This review sounds critical, it's really not.  I am just picking up on a few small points because I think this plugin has huge potential to be an amazingly useful feature, that I could see being used on many commercial Moodle sites, within company HR/training departments, on public sites, etc. It's a fantastic start, and I really look forward to it being expanded and further developed smile
It's so quick and easy that with a few improvements and additional options I could see this replacing our own Moodle site booking system (whch is based on the Feedback activity at this time).

We've recently installed this on our public testing and development site (anyone can see this, even as a Guest!) so feel free to have a look and get a Student's experience of how this works smile