Themes: Aerie

Maintained by MeMiriam Laidlaw
Fluid-width three column theme with a settings page and six extra block positions.

Aerie 0.2 (Build: 2012040301) for Moodle 2.2

Note This plugin version is no longer available here in the plugins directory.

Me at the Moodle Moot NZ11
Stuart Mealor
Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 3:40 PM
General comments
Well done to Miriam for developing and sharing this Theme! The ability to have 3 columns on the front page is something that can really help the site look a bit more like Wordpress of other CMS's used for websites these days. I like the extra annotations on the screenshot - it really helps understand what this Theme is capable of before having to install it to find out :-) Even better are the extensive options on the Settings page, which mean the Theme is flexible and can be customised by Adm...