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The Engagement Analytics block provides information about student progress against a range of indicators. As the name suggests the block provides feedback on the level of "engagement" of a student, in this plugin "engagement" refers to activities which have been identified by current research to have an impact on student success in an online course.
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Michael de Raadt
Monday, December 7, 2015, 8:09 AM
General comments

The Engagement Analtyics plugin is a block with a report that calculates a student's success/risk level based on assignment submissions, forum activity and logins. It translates this into traffic-light indicators for easy viewing.

Supported versions
2.2 to 2.7
This plugin required code changes to work with versions 2.8 and later. (Updated version.php file)
Update frequency
Every six months to about 18 months ago

Feedback about plugin
Limited, mostly reporting errors.
Installation process
Git, Zip

Documentation and help

At the moment, I couldn't configure the plugin.
Tracker issues
Using Github bug tracker

Translations A few
English, French, Occitan-Lengadocian, Portuguese (Brazil), Serbian, Spanish - Mexico
Dependencies Plugin set has report and block, dependent on Assignment, Forum and Logins.
There is an activity module in the set, but to be honest, I don't know what it does. It doesn't seem to have a purpose.
Error messages
A few errors
Errors on installation and on settings page.
Coding style
Numerous errors
When run through the Code Checker, there were a number of issues. They were mostly formatting issues.



No real interaction with users



I was disappointed to see it is not being maintained. Also, there are no docs and the configuration is broken. It is a simple analytics plugin and is a good step towards some universal indicators, but it needs work.

General recommendation: Not well maintained by Netspot. Would need to be updated before I recommend using it.