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Dialogue between two users

Dialogue 3.2.0 for Moodle 3.2

Note This plugin version is no longer available here in the plugins directory.

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Stuart Mealor
Saturday, April 22, 2017, 7:01 AM
General comments

This plugin adds a new course activity that allow Students or Teachers to start a private conversation with another user in the same Course.

Moodle has a sophisticated Messaging system in core now, and it's possible to have private conversations using standard functionality.  However, this plugin provides a number of features somewhat different to the core functionality including:

  • Adds a new Activity, so it is available just like other Activities to place within a Section (Week/Topic) just like a Forum, Quiz, Choice, etc.  This potentially provides a certain level of focus, or emphasis, to the messaging.
  • Easy to quickly search for the user name to message
  • Can add attachments to messages - useful !
  • Can save drafts - ready for later use - which is a very nice feature !
  • Teachers can start private messages with all members of a Group in one operation
You can try this Block yourself for real on our public plugins site:

The Dialogue plugin creates an Activity that feels very much part of Moodle once it has been installed.

There are no surprises in terms of the interface, and it's very easy to use, even for users new to Moodle.

The documentation is excellent !  Well done smile 


This module has been developed over many years, with input from the community, so any discussions regarding accessibility have likely been had over this time.

From my testing I can see no obvious accessibility issues - all options and form elements adhere to expected layouts and appearance.


I have not reviewed the code for this module, but over the years it has ben maintained by some very notable Moodle developers and contributors, so I would not expect any issues in this area.

In terms of performance, when testing the activity by adding it to a course it does not appear to impact speed at all.

This plugin was originally released in 2009, and has had a number of maintainers and contributors, but always had timely releases for new versions of Moodle.  Whether the module continues in the long term future, given the more integrated Messaging system in Moodle 3.x onwards, remains to be seen.  However, if you were using this plugin, and in the future it wasn't available, it would not have a major impact on users because they could use other messaging functionality within Moodle.