Reviewed plugins

List of plugins with a community review.
Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Reviews
Quickfind List Blocks Quick Find List Block for Moodle This block allows quick searching of users from a block, and displays a configurable link for each search result Mark Johnson 1
OneNote Feedback Assignment feedbacks This plugin allows teachers to grade and providing feedback for OneNote assignment submissions. This includes viewing a student's submission in OneNote, creating a OneNote page associated with their feedback on the submission, saving that feedback from OneNote into Moodle as a zip package containing the HTML and any associated images contained in the submission, and recreating the OneNote page from the zip package saved in Moodle if necessary. Enovation Dev Team 1
Recycle bin General plugins (Local) This plugin adds a "recycle bin" for course modules to Moodle. Skylar Kelty 1
Login as General plugins (Local) A local plugin that allows admin to add a list of loginas action links to the settings block. Itamar Tzadok 1
HTML (per role) Blocks Allows distinct roles to get differetn content within an HTML bloc at the same layout location. Valery Fremaux 1
ChessBlock Blocks Chess game. Ardit Dika 1
My Grades block Blocks The my_grades block provides a display of all enrolled courses, overall grades and links to grade reports from the My Home page. Karen Holland 1
Appointments Blocks This block provides a form for teachers to book 1 to 1 appointments with Students on a class. The student can be notified of the appointment, and it will be added to both users' calendars. Mark Johnson 1
Unanswered Discussions Blocks Allows users to see forum discussions that have gone unanswered Michael de Raadt 1
Drag and drop file upload Blocks Drag and drop one or more files directly from your desktop into a Moodle course - if you have Moodle 2.3 or above, this functionality is already present Davo Smith 1
User Information Block Blocks This block intends to give the user a few shortcuts in order to navigate quickly through every Moodle site. Besides it advices the user about unread messages and information about the last access to the LMS. It's already translated into spanish, english, portuguese and chinese. Federico Botti 1
Engagement analytics Blocks The Engagement Analytics block provides information about student progress against a range of indicators. As the name suggests the block provides feedback on the level of "engagement" of a student, in this plugin "engagement" refers to activities which have been identified by current research to have an impact on student success in an online course. Adam Olley 1
AJAX Marking Block Blocks Shows a teacher all of the unmarked work which has been submitted by their students across all of the courses they teach in. It's most useful when placed on the front page, and it allows the work to be viewed and graded through a pop-up interface, which then updates the block once the work is marked. Matt Gibson 1
Banners Blocks Allow community upload of graphic banners for display into an animated carousel block Iain Checkland 1
Custom Corners Themes Custom Corners is a three column Moodle 2.2 theme based on the original Moodle 1.9 Custom Corners theme by Use Hunkler Mary Evans 1
Aerie Themes Fluid-width three column theme with a settings page and six extra block positions. Miriam Laidlaw 1