Favourite plugins

List of plugins that have been marked as favourite by the Moodle community members.
Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Favourited
Problem section General plugins (Local) Adds to the course a section where the teacher can submit a problem to groups of students and give them various collaboration tools to work together on a solution. Brice Errandonea 8
Print out for review Question formats This plugin provides an additional export format for questions, which presents them in an easily readable, clear format, also suited for printout. stefan weber 12
Presentation Activities Displays multimedia HTML5 presentations and slide shows in users' web browsers. A web friendly and more feature rich alternative to MS PowerPoint and PDF. However, presentations must be uploaded to moodledata via FTP and you'll need to learn some basic HTML to create presentations for it. Matt Bury 54
Postgres Full Text Search Search engines A Moodle search plugin implemented using Postgres full text indexing with optional file indexing using Apache Tika. Matt Clarkson 9
Poster Activities Poster is a resource activity module allowing to create a web page. What makes this module unique is that the contents of the poster page is composed of Moodle blocks (such as HTML block, Calendar block, Latest news block etc.). It provides yet another place within the course where blocks can be put without polluting the course front page. David Mudrák 58
Portfolio Activities Based on the book module, this allows students to create portfolio contributions, within a structure set by the teacher. Davo Smith 25
Poodll Subtitle Atto Poodll Subtitle is a simple subtitle editor for audio and video files in Moodle. Justin Hunt 4
Poodll Snippet Atto Poodll Snippet is simple html/text template tool for Moodle's Atto editor. Use it to add text, layouts, buttons and other content from templates directly into Moodle HTML areas. Justin Hunt 25
Poodll Repository Repositories The Poodll repository allows you to record audio or video directly, to draw pictures or take webcam "snaps." Justin Hunt 22
Poodll Recording Question types An audio/video recording question type for Moodle. It uses HTML5 audio and video recording on supported browsers, and falls back to flash and other technologies where required. It is also possible to provide responses to questions using the Poodll whiteboard feature. It requires the Poodll filter be installed. Recording from mobile devices is also supported. Justin Hunt 28
PoodLL Online (old) Assignment types An audio/video recording assignment type for Moodle 2.x It either uses a "cloud" based recording server, or a standalone MP3 recorder. There is also a "Draw a picture" submission option. It requires the PoodLL filter to be installed and enabled. Justin Hunt 15
Poodll Filter Filters Poodll is a toolbox of features for Moodle, including audio and video recording, media players for the classroom and widgets such as tabs and stopwatches. The Poodll filter is a pre-requisite plugin for the Classic Poodll plugins. Justin Hunt 48
Poodll Database Field Database fields The Poodll database field allows the database activity to accept video, audio, snapshot and whiteboard submissions. The Poodll Filter must be installed to use the Poodll Database Field. Justin Hunt 11
Poodll Assignment Submission - audio and video recording Assignment submissions The Poodll Assignment Submission allows students to record audio or video, or draw/upload pictures as assignment submissions. Justin Hunt 16
Poodll Assignment Feedback - audio and video recording Assignment feedbacks The Poodll Assignment Feedback plugin allows teachers to respond via video and audio recordings, and pictures to assignment submissions. Justin Hunt 17
Poodll Anywhere (TinyMCE) TinyMCE Poodll Anywhere for TinyMCE allows the user to record audio and video or draw pictures, or snap pictures, directly into forum posts, assignment descriptions, page resource content, question descriptions, question responses and other areas. Justin Hunt 32
Poodll Anywhere (Atto) Atto Poodll Anywhere (Atto) allows the user to record audio and video or draw pictures, or snap pictures, directly into forum posts, assignment descriptions, page resource content, question descriptions, question responses and other areas. Justin Hunt 25
Poll Blocks Allows you to create custom polls for use in a Moodle course. A course can have many polls created within it; you can then choose which one to display through the block configuration tabs. Adam Olley 33
Policies Admin tools Allows to define various policy documents - site policy, privacy policy, intellectual property policy, late assignments policy and others as needed. It keeps the history of document revisions, tracks user agreements with them and forces users to accept them prior to using the site. Moodle HQ 35
Point of view - Feedback Blocks Did you ever want to know the feelings of students about your courses, exercises or other activities? Point of View is a reaction system with emojis representing feelings; students can vote and rate activities and hence share their experiences. It improves social networking and gamification in your courses with students and professors reactions. Point of view plugin allows to add customizable reaction buttons to moodle activities, display the number of users who reacted and the type of reaction or specify graphically difficulty levels for activities with color tracks. And it is fully customizable! Quentin Fombaron 29
POAS abstract question Question types Abstract question type used in questions developed by POAS department of Volgograd State Technical University. Contains some generally useful question type code. Oleg Sychev 4
Plugins fetcher General plugins (Local) This plugin retrieves information about installed plugins. Adrian Perez Rodriguez 2
Playlist Activities The playlist resource plugin provides a way to save a list of rtmp URLs which can then be referenced by the filter_rtmp plugin. Fred Woolard 1
Player VideoFront Media players Plugin for Videoteca integration with Moodle. Eduardo Kraus 2
Planet eStream Video Assignment Submission Plugin Assignment submissions This plugin enables teachers to incorporate video content within their Moodle assignments, and also for students to submit video responses – these are uploaded and securely stored on your Planet eStream media library rather than Moodle itself. Planet eStream 3
Planet eStream TinyMCE Text Editor Plugin TinyMCE Embed content from Planet eStream into Moodle via the TinyMCE Text Editor, or upload new video/audio content directly into a Moodle page. Planet eStream 4
Planet eStream Repository Plugin Repositories Search your Planet eStream archive directly from your Moodle environment. Planet eStream 4
Planet eStream iFrame Filter Filters The Planet eStream Moodle iFrame Filter interacts with all other Planet eStream Moodle Plugins to provide enhanced mobile device streaming support, and to broaden the scope of the locations within Moodle where Planet eStream content can be embedded. Planet eStream 3
Planet eStream Authentication Plugin Filters The Planet eStream Authentication Plugin will automatically authenticate Moodle users with matching Planet eStream usernames when viewing embedding quizzes that have been added via the Planet eStream text editor plugins. Planet eStream 1
Planet eStream ATTO Text Editor Plugin Atto Embed content from Planet eStream into Moodle via the ATTO Text Editor, or upload new video/audio content directly into a Moodle page. Planet eStream 3
PlagScan Plagiarism Checker Plagiarism Plagiarism checker for discerning originality from copy and paste. PlagScan detects plagiarism in assignments from web pages as well as other students' work. Ruben Olmedo 16
PlagiarismSearch Plagiarism PlagiarismSearch operates since 2008 and have proved to be a successful and cost-effective solution for small universities and content companies. We offer plagiarism detection services tailored to your needs. Test PlagiarismSearch for Free. Apply for our free 14 day trial by following the steps below. Alex Crosby 1
PlagiarismCheck.org plugin Plagiarism PlagiarismCheck.org is a sophisticated similarity search engine. We advocate for bringing technology into academics to help instructors save time and motivate students write better papers. Jane Adelmann 5
PLAGIARISMA Plagiarism PLAGIARISMA is a commercial product owned by Plagiarisma.Net - you must have a paid subscription to be able to use this plugin. The plugin works for the assignment module, with file submissions and online text. Eugene Ekimov 4
Pixabay Media Repositories A repository for popular free image site - pixabay.com Yedidia Klein 8
Pioneer Themes Pioneer strikes a balance between features and beautiful design. The Pioneer theme is focused on enhancing learning by using intuitive navigation, a simple layout, and amazing styling. You have learning content, Pioneer makes it beautiful. Chris Kenniburg 75
Pinned Users Blocks This plugiin allow you to pinned users in a lock Sofia Lu 2
Pie Chart PoodLL Widget / Generico A simple pie chart generator. Poodll Guy 1
Physical Submissions Assignment submissions Generate printable cover sheets with bar codes for physical items of assessment. A local plugin is available to manage scanning of assignments using a generic barcode scanner. Jez H 3
Photo Themes This theme is meant as an example of how to create a theme extending Boost. It also provides useful settings for adding photo backgrounds to all pages Moodle. Damyon Wiese 27
Personal YouTube Repositories Moodle repository plugin used to browse personal YouTube channels in order to publish public, unlisted and private videos. Roberto Pinna 16
Personal Tag PoodLL Widget / Generico This displays a ribbon style alert message with the current user's name. Poodll Guy 3
Persian calendar Calendars This plugin provides Jalali calendar support for Moodle Shamim Rezaie 21
Perl-Compatible Regular Expression Question types A question that could check student's response against several regular expressions and could give next character and next word hints. If you do not know what regular expression is, it could also work like Moodle Shortanswer question with hints, just choose "Moodle shortanswer" as notation and you could enter answers just like in shortanswer question type. Oleg Sychev 4
Periods format Course formats This course format allows to set duration for each section (period) in days, weeks, months or years. Each individual section (period) may override this duration. The course settings allow automatically collapse or hide past or future periods. Marina Glancy 37
People Blocks Moodle block which displays all teachers of a course with contact quicklinks, as well as a quicklink to the participants list Ulm University 35
Pedagogic Achievements Blocks This plugin automatically awards pedagogic achievements to each user as they reach milestones along their way. Example : "10th login" medal. This plugin was developed by Andil as a part of their e-learning R&D program. Andil Technologies de l'information et de la formation 9
pdf2submission Blocks pdf2submission is a plugin to automatically accept hand-written or hand-drawn documents (scanned image PDF) as Moodle assignment submissions (There is no need for each learner to upload the file to Moodle). Toshihiro KITA 5
PDF.js Folder Activities PDF.js Folder is a plugin intended to make sure that added PDFs always open in the browser. Jonas Nockert 25
PDF submission Assignment submissions This allows a teacher to annotate and return PDF files that have been submitted by students. Teachers can add and position comments and draw lines, ovals, stamps, rectangles and highlights onto the student's work, from within the browser. Davo Smith 23