Favourite plugins

List of plugins that have been marked as favourite by the Moodle community members.
Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Favourited
Restriction by badge Availability conditions Activities in a course can be restricted by a badge Tim Lock 18
Moodle glossary entries Question formats A question format plugin to convert between quiz questions and glossary entries Daniel Thies 18
Stash availability Availability conditions Stash availability is used in conjunction with block_stash to allow items from the stash to determine the availability of course activities. #game #gamification Adrian Greeve 18
UIkit Themes This theme is built from its core to work with UIkit (a framework similar to Twitter Bootstrap). It is designed to be easily customizable using an interactive visual styles manager. Eduardo Ramos 18
Edwiser Site Monitor Blocks Edwiser Site Monitor lets you stay on top, tracking everything that matters to your Moodle, all at one place. Edwiser Team 18
Course Bank Admin tools CourseBank is a cloud backup service, allowing Moodle administrators to automatically transfer course backup files to a safe and reliable cloud-based storage solution, and retrieve these backups on demand through the Coursebank interface. Coursebank is developed and maintained by Moodle partner Catalyst IT. Catalyst IT 18
Shared Resources Center General plugins (Local) This additional component provides Moodle with a sote level Library front end, for exploring searching or browsing common pool of public resources, using a rich metadata based search engine. Valery Fremaux 18
HotPot question import for Moodle 2.x Question formats Import HotPot files to Moodle 2.x question bank Gordon Bateson 18
WebRTC Experiments Activities Discontinued. Please, do not use it in production. This is a Moodle plugin for users interact with audio and video using WebRTC Daniel Neis Araujo 18
Badge Ladder General plugins (Local) This plugin provides leaderboards for awarded badges. Matthias Berlin (Schwabe) 18
Search Questions General plugins (Local) Adds text search to the question bank. Ray Morris 17
Advance Mindmap Activities This is a modification of the original Mindmap module for moodle formerly found on ekpenso.com. This Advance Mindmap module allows you to create mindmapping activity in moodle. Added features include: - Every user now have a separate mindmap in one single activity, with links to view others' mindmap. - Dummy group mode: multiple mindmaps with simple group name that everyone can view and edit (for group mindmapping without having to setup groups in the course) - Lock mindmap: prevent editing of mindmap when someone is editing it during group mindmapping Currently, it is not backward compatible with Moodle 1.9x, please install it on Moodle 2.x only. Andy Chan 17
Microsoft OneNote General plugins (Local) This plugin provides a common client API for various other Moodle plugins that allow Moodle users to take advantage of Microsoft OneNote Online. This includes operations such as browsing your notebooks, sections, and pages; students doing assignments in OneNote and teachers providing feedback on those assignments in OneNote. James McQuillan 17
Complete your profile block Blocks A simple block that encourages users to complete their profile Mathias Chouet 17
PDF Annotation Activities The PDF annotator allows students to insert questions, comments and remarks on learning materials in PDF format directly into the document. Since all students, lecturers and tutors can read and answer the questions and comments asked, it is made easier to clarify open questions on lecture slides, scripts and other PDF learning materials quickly and in a concrete context. A. Obeid 17
Etherpad Lite Activities An activity module to integrate etherpad-lite with Moodle. To use this plugin, you will need to have an etherpad-lite server that runs on at least the same 2nd-level-domain as your Moodle server. Moodle-Dev Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 17
Flexpage format Course formats Moodlerooms is proud to release Flexpage, a course format that provides a teacher with complete control over how educational materials and assessments are presented to a student. Blackboard Open LMS Development 17
Lucimoo EPUB import Book tools Lucimoo EPUB import/export add-ons for the Moodle book module. Lucimoo consists of two add-ons for the Moodle book module: * The "importepub" add-on provides functionality to import material from EPUB ebooks into book module books. Haakon Meland Eriksen 17
Social Network Analysis (SNA) Tool Incubating Social Network Analysis Tool can show the sociogram,density,outdegree,indegree,point centrality of the forum. Yu Sun 17
Login as General plugins (Local) A local plugin that allows admin to add a list of loginas action links to the settings block. Itamar Tzadok 17
Moodlebook Themes Moodlebook is a three-column that emulates the look and feel of Facebook. Joseph Conradt 17
Aardvark Postit Note Themes Aardvark Postit Note is a simplified version of Aardvark Postit with the addition of some new settings. Mary Evans 17
Poodll Assignment Feedback - audio and video recording Assignment feedbacks The Poodll Assignment Feedback plugin allows teachers to respond via video and audio recordings, and pictures to assignment submissions. Justin Hunt 17
Courses to Calendar General plugins (Local) Display all your courses in the Calendar as Site Events from selected categories. Sometimes and for some reasons, you want to display to everyone your courses in the Calendar and this is exactly what this plugin does. Andres Ramos 17
Degrade Theme Themes Degrade theme brings a series of pre-programmed colors for you to choose the best Eduardo Kraus 17
Deferred feedback with explanation Question behaviour This question behaviour is just like deferred feedback, but with an additional input box where students can give a reason why they gave the answer they did. Tim Hunt 17
A2FA (Another 2-Factor Auth) Authentication Two-factor authentication method. Using Google Authentication mobile app Sam Battat 17
Analytics and Recommendations Blocks The Analytics and Recommendations block is a tool for students and teachers. It visually shows the student participation in each course activity and it shows recommendations for students about what activities they should work to improve their final grade. Cristina Fernández Sampayo 17
Timestat Experimental Timestat block measures users real activity time. Time is increased only when Moodle tab is active in browser. Łukasz Sanokowski 17
Personal YouTube Repositories Moodle repository plugin used to browse personal YouTube channels in order to publish public, unlisted and private videos. Roberto Pinna 16
GeSHi Filters Color or highlight code snippets within Moodle resources Enovation Dev Team 16
Quiz archive report Quiz reports Moodle quiz report plugin to achieve archiving your test, by printing out all attempts at once. Luca Bösch 16
Group formation Activities Formation of optimized learning groups - by topic preference or best match of individuals' charatceristics and preferences; in one easy to use Moodle acticity; languages available: German, English Multimedia Communication Lab KOM 16
Help Desk Blocks Moodle help desk block to facilitate technical support within Moodle. Jonathan Doane 16
OneNote submissions Assignment submissions This plugin allows students to work on an assignment in OneNote. This includes creating a OneNote page associated with an assignment submission, saving student's work from OneNote into Moodle as a zip package containing the HTML and any associated images contained in the submission, and recreating the OneNote page from the zip package saved in Moodle if necessary. James McQuillan 16
JClic Activities This module allows the incorporation of JClic activities in Moodle and save its state. Projectes TAC Dep. Educació Catalunya 16
Export Glossary to Quiz Blocks A block to export a Glossary's entries to the Quiz Questions bank. Joseph Rézeau 16
PDF feedback Assignment feedbacks This allows a teacher to annotate and return PDF files that have been submitted by students. Teachers can add and position comments and draw lines, ovals, stamps, rectangles and highlights onto the student's work, from within the browser. For Moodle 2.6 and above, I advise you use the standard functionality instead. Davo Smith 16
Google Analytics General plugins (Local) This plugin is replaced by the local_analytics plugin which can communicate with Google Analytics and Piwik! Bas Brands 16
Theme selector Blocks Provides a quick way of changing themes or clearing the theme cache. Gareth J Barnard 16
Question bank unused questions General plugins (Local) Extends the Moodle question bank to find questions which are / are not used in a quiz. Ray Morris 16
Re-sort Courses General plugins (Local) Moodle plugin which sorts a category page automatically as soon as a course has been added or modified Ulm University 16
Live Streaming Activities The Live Streaming web based software can easily be used with Moodle sites to build live video interactive virtual learning management systems. Teachers can broadcast live video from their webcam and students can watch and write questions in text chat. Teodor Nica 16
2 Way Video Chat Activities This 2 Way Video Chat edition integrates into Moodle as an activity module so private video chat rooms can be added to courses as activities, in example for evaluating students. Teodor Nica 16
NED - Sidebar Blocks Allows the functionality of the Site main menu block to work within courses. NED Support 16
Checkmark report General plugins (Local) The checkmark report (local/checkmarkreport) is an extension to the module checkmark and shows the marks and grades for one or more checkmarks in a tabular form. AMC Academic Moodle Cooperation 16
Set course dates Admin tools This admin tool allows managers to set the start and end dates for all courses in a category, including subcategories. Charles Fulton 16
Extended log search Reports This report is intended to be used by the site administrator for investigation in number of cases, when standard log report does not allow to find the desired events. Vadim Dvorovenko 16
Moodle AnalyST Incubating Support tool for medium and large sites, that provides you with - a better search function for courses and users - a fast overview about a course with participants and their roles, activities, enrolment methods - a fast overview about a user with their courses and roles Steffen Pegenau 16
ForumQ2A Experimental ForumQ2A is a new forum activity based on the open source platform Question2Answer(www.question2answer.org). Leyun Xia 16