Favourite plugins

List of plugins that have been marked as favourite by the Moodle community members.
Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Favourited
Shared Resource Activities Shared resource provides Moodle with a full featured central resource repository handling full indexing with LOM based metadata schemas. Central library front end and search engine. Valery Fremaux 12
Set splitting question Question types The splitset question is alike a matrix question but with simpler model. Il allows layouting a serie of questions with a common set of possible answers (f.e. yes/no, allowed/not allowed, less/more/equal ...). Valery Fremaux 15
Set course fields Admin tools Moodle admin tool plugin which allows managers to set and overwrite custom course field values for all courses in a category, including subcategories. Ulm University 6
Set course dates Admin tools This admin tool allows managers to set the start and end dates for all courses in a category, including subcategories. Charles Fulton 16
Session keepalive General plugins (Local) Moodle plugin which checks for unsent user input in the browser and keeps the user session alive as long as needed to prevent that user input which is sent to the server after the user session has expired will be lost Ulm University 11
Serenity Themes This theme was part of the Moodle core distribution, but for Moodle 2.7+ has been moved to Moodle Plugins Mary Evans 9
Semester overview Blocks In the semsort block (blocks/semester_sortierung), courses are grouped by their starting dates in a semester view on the MyMoodle page. AMC Academic Moodle Cooperation 20
Selfgroup Activities The selfgroup module allows students to create their own groups, edit information of groups or enrol for existing groups. Additionally the mapping of groups to existing groupings can be done by students. If the groupoverview plugin is installed created groups can be categorized. Julia Anken 1
Selfenrollment plugin seat availability status Blocks Selfenrollment plugin seat availability status block. Jitendra Gaur 2
Self-assessment Question behaviour A question behaviour for manually graded question types, to let students self-assess their own response. Tim Hunt 1
Select missing words Question types This question type allows students to complete a paragraph of text by selecting the missing words using drop-down menus. Tim Hunt 32
Select Atoms or Molecules (MarvinJS) Question types Have students select atoms, molecules or reactions with this question type. Requires MarvinJS downloadable from www.chemaxon.com. Carl LeBlond 5
Section names auto-linking Filters Converts exact section names in Moodle into links to the section or bookmark links if on the same page. Matthew Davidson 9
Section Blocks The Section block displays the contents of a course section as a block. Arnaud Trouvé 7
Searchable filesystem Repositories A filesystem-based repository focused on searchable capabilities, ideal for directories with lots (thousands) of files at server side. Jordi Pujol-Ahulló 3
Search Questions General plugins (Local) Adds text search to the question bank. Ray Morris 17
Search On Math Blocks Just move your mouse over the desired formula, and a button for this search will pop up. More info at searchonmath.com/extensions. SearchOnMath Company 1
Search Courses (Autocomplete) Blocks Just enter the first letter of the course you want to search and the auto complete box gives you a list of matching courses with the current word highlighted. The block also has a 'My Courses' feature, when enabled, lets you search only the courses the current user is registered on . This block is best used on the 'My Home' page which allows centre positioning of blocks thereby giving you a wider space to see the autocomplete results. Copyright : University of Bath Hittesh Ahuja 11
Screencast Filter Filters This is a text filter for Moodle that converts Screencast.com urls into embeded content. The current text filter will only replace hyperlinks with the embeded content. This currently only works for video short urls. Camtasia Relay 1
Scratch embed Filters A filter plug-in to embed Scratch projects using the Scratch Java applet. Nick Freear 1
Scratch Filters The Scratch filter allows you to embed Scratch games into labels, forums, or web pages automatically - wherever you create a link to a .sb Scratch file that has been uploaded onto the Moodle server (either as an attachment to a forum post, or as a course file). Ralf Krause 8
SCORM Cloud for Moodle Activities Provides integration with SCORM Cloud to boost support for SCORM, xAPI, cmi5 and AICC for your Moodle LMS. Dan Marsden 13
SCORM Cloud Course Format Course formats Provides a SCORM Cloud course format. (superseded by the new Single activity course format plugin) Dan Marsden 6
Scheduler Activities An appointment scheduler for planning face-to-face meetings between teachers and students. Teachers can set up time slots, and students can choose one of these on Moodle. Henning Bostelmann 92
SavaPage Blocks This block shows a button on the dashboard to open the SavaPage Open Print Portal Web App, so printed documents can be previewed and forwarded. The credentials of the authenticated Moodle user are trusted so no extra login is needed (single sign-on). Rijk Ravestein 2
Sassessment Question types Speech Assessment question type. Students can make online voice recording with answers and speech to text at the same time. Question type compares texts and sets grades. Igor Nikulin 1
sara Other This plugin to make integration with fedena mannagement system so the user that created in fedena will be created automaticly in moodle sara saranabil 1
Sanity checker utility General plugins (Local) This plugin provides an interface to implement sanity checks on moodle and solves some issues (see : https://github.com/eviweb/moodle-local_sanitychecker/wiki) Eric Villard 2
Sandbox General plugins (Local) Moodle plugin which programatically restores courses to predefined course states. It can be used to provide playground moodle courses which will be cleaned periodically. Ulm University 34
SAML2 SSO Auth Authentication Authentication using exists SimpleSAMLphp Service Provider Daniel Miranda 9
SAML2 Single sign on Authentication SAML done 100% in moodle, fast, simple, secure Catalyst IT 50
SAML Identity Provider Authentication This is a plugin that makes Moodle an Identity Provider site: other application can use Moodle as a login portal. Requires SimpleSAMLphp, configured as IdP: https://simplesamlphp.org/docs/stable/simplesamlphp-idp. Enovation Dev Team 4
SAML Enrolments Enrolment SAML Enrol plugin based on the simplesamlphp software. (require Authentication SAML and simpleSAMLphp SP) Sixto Martin Garcia 9
SAML Authentication (simpleSAMLphp required) Authentication SAML Authentication plugin based on the simplesamlphp software. (Also install the SAML Enrolment plugin if you want auto-enrol based on SAML) Sixto Martin Garcia 19
SageCell Filters A Moodle filter plug-in to view results of Sage code using the SageMathCell server. It embeds any code as plain text. This filter will replace Sage code in [sage]...[/sage] block with the result of calculations in embedded sagecell. Eugene Modlo 5
SafeAssign plagiarism plugin Plagiarism SafeAssign is a plagiarism plugin which uses a service to compare submitted assignments against a set of sources to identify areas of overlap between the submitted assignment and existing works. David Castro 8
Safe Exam Browser quiz access rule Quiz access rules This quiz access rule plugin provides Safe Exam Browser 2.0 integration for Moodle. Tim Hunt 27
Ruby / furigana Atto Ruby phonetic support for Atto. Jetha Chan 4
RSS Plus Blocks A slightly more visually appealing RSS News Feed block for Moodle 2.0+ Shaun Daubney 11
Roster Reports This is a simple report which displays the user pictures for everyone enrolled in the given course. Charles Fulton 50
Roster Blocks The Roster block shows a page with a list of users in a course, with either a simply list of names,email, etc. (similar to the participant functionality), or a more enhanced list that shows their picture and the description from the student profiles. This is useful for faculty to get to know their students quickly and learn about their backgrounds easily. Please note that the most up-to-date version will always be in the github repository listed below. The Moodle module downloadable here may not be updated as frequently. The latest versions (for 2.4, 2.6 and 2.7) fix a bug where the settings page on sites installed from Moodle 2.x did not show the list of roles properly. (This worked on 1.x => 2.x upgraded sites). Johan Reinalda 2
Roshnilite Themes Roshni Lite Moodle Theme is a 100% responsive, feature heavy beautiful Moodle theme. It is compatible with Moodle 2.7 – 3.4. It provides customizable sections in the front page which the user may customize through a backend setting panel, can add/update/delete content. DualCube Team 78
Roles' capabilities Reports !!!Deprecated by the core Capabilites Report (Site Administration > Users > Permissions > Capability report. )!!! A report that compares the permissions of all roles, side by side, to assist the coordinator to give capabilities and avoid inconsistencies in roles hierarch. Daniel Neis Araujo 1
Rocket Themes Rocket is a professional high customisable theme for those who wish their Moodle site to look less moodley. It is a fixed width theme with multiple block locations. DualCube Team 26
Rich Media Activities Provides a complete tool to create Rich Media activities onto Moodle. Adrien Jamot 15
Reverse pattern match Question types A question type where the teacher provides some example sentences, and the student has to write a pmatch expression to match those sentences. Tim Hunt 10
Retrieve Title and Teaserimage from webpage via url Filters This Filter is required for the Socialwall Course Format. The Moodle Socialwall will transform your Moodle course into a social learning platform. This includes a familiar post interface, timeline of posts, filtering of the timeline, and integration with Moodle's activities and resources. A social learning format allows teachers to pick up the tool and begin using it right away. Chris Kenniburg 4
Restriction by week from start Availability conditions This availability plugin allows opening activites or sections with a relative week shift from course opening date. Valery Fremaux 11
Restriction by relative date Availability conditions Restrict module and section access based on a relative date. Renaat Debleu 7
Restriction by password Availability conditions Moodle availability plugin which lets users restrict resources and activities with password access Ulm University 32