Favourite plugins

List of plugins that have been marked as favourite by the Moodle community members.
Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Favourited
Adobe Connect Activities Provides an activity level integration between Moodle and Adobe Connect Pro Tyler Bannister 26
Point of view - Feedback Blocks Did you ever want to know the feelings of students about your courses, exercises or other activities? Point of View is a reaction system with emojis representing feelings; students can vote and rate activities and hence share their experiences. It improves social networking and gamification in your courses with students and professors reactions. Point of view plugin allows to add customizable reaction buttons to moodle activities, display the number of users who reacted and the type of reaction or specify graphically difficulty levels for activities with color tracks. And it is fully customizable! Quentin Fombaron 26
Morecandy Themes Morecandy is a simple theme based on the More theme, but contains a different look to the expanded block titles. Mary Evans 26
Global Chat Blocks Global chat for Moodle. With this plugin teachers and students can communicate in real time through Moodle. Bruno Sampaio 26
Checklist Grading methods Moodlerooms is proud to release the Checklist advanced grading method, an easy way for the user and teacher to view a list of criteria and the associated grade value for each criteria. Blackboard Open LMS Development 26
Concept Map Question Type Question types Question type that allows students to draw and submit a Concept Map as answer Jorge Villalon 26
Atto HTML editor Editors Lightweight, accessible, fast, mobile friendly text editor. Damyon Wiese 26
My enrolled courses Blocks My Enrolled Courses block enables users to show or hide the courses they are enrolled in. The block contains links to the courses enrolled, the visibility of which can be changed from the settings panel, as per requirement. You can hide the ones you are done with and change their visibility again, if need be. One click on a course link will redirect to that particular course page. DualCube Team 26
Rocket Themes Rocket is a professional high customisable theme for those who wish their Moodle site to look less moodley. It is a fixed width theme with multiple block locations. DualCube Team 26
Question trends SCORM It lets you see trends in your scorm activity Ankit Agarwal 26
Learning Analytics Enriched Rubric Grading methods The Learning Analytics Enriched Rubric (LA e-Rubric) is an advanced grading method used for criteria-based assessment. John Dimopoulos 26
oohoo - TabTopics format Course formats This Moodle course format displays each section in a tab Nicolas Bretin 26
Teaching Team Blocks Teaching Team is a block that displays profile pictures and contact details of the academic and support staff. Mikhail Janowski 25
Restriction by days offset from start Availability conditions This plugin allows opening closing activity or sections at a day shift delay after course start or user enrolment in course. Valery Fremaux 25
Moodle2Mobile Themes This theme has been developed for smartphones, compatible with iPhone/iPodtouch/Android 4.x devices. Let us know how it works for you. Beto Castillo Llaque 25
Inspire Admin tools The Inspire plugin implements open source, transparent next-generation learning analytics using machine learning backends that go beyond simple descriptive analytics to provide predictions of learner success, and ultimately diagnosis and prescriptions (advisements) to learners and teachers. From Moodle HQ. David Monllaó 25
Waitlist enrolment and Custom course fields Enrolment If students enrol via the enrolment plugin "Waitlist & Custom course fields" they are put into a waitlist in case the maximum amount of course participants is reached. They later get enrolled automatically as soon as free seats are available. The plugin also can be used to add custom course fields. Related moodle forum: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=220078 Flotter Totte 25
Toggle preview Atto An Atto editor plugin that shows a preview of the filtered editor content. Daniel Thies 25
MooTyper Activities MooTyper implements a typing practice/instruction functionality into Moodle. AL Rachels 25
Kaltura Video Package Other Kaltura plug-ins for Moodle 2.1 - 2.x and 3.x gonen r 25
Application Form Activities This module is for submission of the application form. Fumikazu Iseki 25
GISMO Blocks GISMO, a graphical interactive student monitoring and tracking system that extracts tracking data from an online course maintained with Moodle, and generates graphical representations that can be explored by course instructors. Christian Milani 25
Simple Clock Blocks A simple JavaScript clock that highlights the time difference between a student and the Moodle server Michael de Raadt 24
Event Trigger Admin tools This plugin plugin allows site administrators to trigger external actions such as an http request or email when certain events happen in Moodle. Filters can be added to check if the event meets certain conditions and actions(email/http post) can include information contained within the Moodle event. Lookups can also be added to the workflow to allow information not contained within the Moodle event to be exposed to the external action. Catalyst IT 24
Videofile Activities Easy cross-browser compatibility videos using Video.js. Jonas Nockert 24
Mahara Assignment Submission Assignment submissions Allows grading of Mahara portfolio pages & collections in Moodle. Aaron Wells 24
Use template on course creation General plugins (Local) This local plugin allows site administrators to create "template" courses which will be restored into new courses on course creation. Charles Fulton 24
Snippet (Atto) Atto Snippet is simple html/text template tool for Moodle's Atto editor. Use it to add text, layouts, buttons and other content from templates directly into Moodle HTML areas. Justin Hunt 24
aigne Themes This theme is oriented to improve the rate of loading pages giving a new look. Optimized for areas with slower Internet connection, following the standard programming parameters, using only php, html and css. People without previous knowledge can set up the theme with more than 100 options of customization. Please, check the 'add to my favorite'. It's the better way to keep this Project alive... :) ... thanks!!! Franc Pombal 24
Poodll Anywhere (Atto) Atto Poodll Anywhere (Atto) allows the user to record audio and video or draw pictures, or snap pictures, directly into forum posts, assignment descriptions, page resource content, question descriptions, question responses and other areas. Justin Hunt 24
Offline attempts access rule Quiz access rules This plugin adds a new access rule to allow the quiz to be downloaded for offline usage in the Moodle Mobile app. It requires the "Moodle Mobile additional features" (local_mobile) plugin installed. Juan Leyva 24
Hot Question Activities Help teachers to collect questions from students in or out of classroom AL Rachels 24
Portfolio Activities Based on the book module, this allows students to create portfolio contributions, within a structure set by the teacher. Davo Smith 24
File upload User profile fields A file upload profile field for Moodle Shamim Rezaie 24
User support - Work Tracker Activities Provides network capable, multi instance bindable user support / ticket management. Generalisable for use in course as managed todo list. Valery Fremaux 24
PDF.js Folder Activities PDF.js Folder is a plugin intended to make sure that added PDFs always open in the browser. Jonas Nockert 24
Trema Themes Trema has a focus on usability and beauty, so for that to became real the developers have tried to make something clean and usable for everyone in the community. Trevor Furtado 24
Algebra Question types Question type where the student must answer by typing an algebra formula. Correctness can be checked by three different methods. Jean-Michel Védrine 24
Newsletter Activities This is a newsletter module for moodle. First stable release. It provides the basic features of common newsletter tools. Using it with moodle VERP bounce processing is recommended. But we will add an additional bounce processing feature that will be easier to configure. David Bogner 24
Custom Course Menu Blocks A block to display enrolled courses in a highly configurable manner for both students and teachers. Tony Box 24
Rate a course Blocks This block provides an Amazon-style 5 star rating system for courses. Users each give a rating and the total is displayed in the block. Cuong Chung 23
Elcentra Social Login Authentication Updated! This plugin gives you an easy way of letting your users login through their Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and VKontakte (New!) accounts. elcentra admin 23
Telegram Messaging outputs This plugin provides a Moodle message output for Telegram. Users can configure the plugin to send Moodle notifications through a Telegram Bot and channel. Mike Churchward 23
Embed questions filter Filters A Moodle text filter plugin that displays questions from the question bank embedded in the page. Tim Hunt 23
PDF submission Assignment submissions This allows a teacher to annotate and return PDF files that have been submitted by students. Teachers can add and position comments and draw lines, ovals, stamps, rectangles and highlights onto the student's work, from within the browser. Davo Smith 23
Motrain/Mootivated - Engagement Platforms General plugins (Local) Motrain and Mootivated are personalized engagement platforms that reward employee/student effort for learning in Moodle. Virtual coins are awarded for working in Moodle and they can be spent at the discretion of the user. Frédéric Massart 23
Course slider Blocks A simple course slider block that displays a chosen list of courses in a carousel. Manoj Solanki 23
Cron lock statistics Admin tools A lock statistics admin tool, specifically tailored to report on cron task timings. This tool exposes which tasks are currently running and where, and also shows a detailed history of how long each task has taken in the past. Catalyst IT 23
RecordRTC for Atto Atto Add audio and video annotations to text, anywhere an Atto text editor is present. This plugin adds buttons for recording audio or video (with audio) to the editor's toolbar. Using WebRTC technologies, all recording is done instantly in the browser. After recording, users can embed the annotation directly into the text they are currently editing. The recording will appear as an audio or video player in the published writing. Jesus Federico 23
Regular expression short answer Question types This question type (for the Moodle quiz module) aims at a more advanced system of student's response analysis, through the use of regular expresssions. This question type is an extension of the SHORTANSWER type. It can be used on its own and can also be incorporated into the existing Cloze (embedded) question type. Joseph Rézeau 23