Favourite plugins

List of plugins that have been marked as favourite by the Moodle community members.
Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Favourited
SOAP protocol Full Documented Array Web service protocols Address issue MDL-28988. This SOAP plugin generate a WSDL with full documented array. Federico Ghigini 4
Snap Themes Snap’s user-friendly and responsive design removes barriers to online learning, enabling you to create the modern, engaging experience user's expect on the web today. Its intuitive layout is optimised for online learning, focusing on the things that matter - your learning activities and content. Blackboard Open LMS Development 178
SMS Notifier Blocks A one way SMS messaging block. 3i Logic LMS 22
SMB Streamline: Tabbed Navigation Blocks This is a simple block with no configuration. Simply add it to a Topics or Weeks course set to show all sections on the same page, and it will add a tabbed navigation at the top of the course. This only works on Bootstrap themes. Nicolas Connault 8
SmartKlass™ Learning Analytics Moodle General plugins (Local) SmartKlass™ is a Learning Analytics dashboard for Institutions, Teachers and Students. Its Free! View different info from analytics about Course Performance to LMS Activity / Usage. Individual, Collaborative work & Results, Course evolution and more on a daily basis. We use xAPI 1.0 especification (aka Tin Can API) to collect user interaction with the platform. Our technology analyzes the statements collected using machine learning algorithms and builds dashboards analysis with consolidated user information. Oscar Klassdata 115
smartchoice Activities The smartchoice activity module enables a teacher to ask a single question and offer a selection of possible responses. All responses are saved anonymously. Thomas Belser 2
Smart Cohort General plugins (Local) With Smart Cohort modul, users automatically added to cohorts based on filters. CNW Zrt. 14
Smart Certificate Search Admin tools Smart Certificate Search plugin allows administrator to search any student's certification record via username, name and certificate code. Administrator can delete any student's certification record. suman bogati 1
Smart Certificate Activities Smart Certificate module is used to generate PDF certificates for student in a course which can not be changed after first download of certificate and user can share their certificate on his/her linkedin profile. suman bogati 2
Slideshow Blocks A block that inserts a slideshow in the header of the front page or course page. Features include customizable background colors, transition types, speeds, and size. Paul P. 43
Slider in content - for Slider Block Filters Slider filter is used to display Block Slider content anywhere in Moodle. Kamil Łuczak 1
Slider Blocks Slideshow block, with easy setup and configuration. Kamil Łuczak 36
slate Themes This is a bootswatch theme for the Bootstrap3 theme Bas Brands 4
Slack message processor Messaging outputs This plugin provides a Moodle message output for Slack. Sites can select a Slack team, and users can connect their Moodle notifications to their Slack account for that team. Mike Churchward 7
SkyRooms FREE Video Conferencing Activities www.SkyRooms.io is a service that provides Free video conferencing, like Big Blue Button, Adobe Connect, Omni Join, Zoom and more! Andrew Normore 1
Skype Web Blocks This block allows you to send and receive Skype for Business chat messages. This is usable by itself or as part of the wider Moodle / Microsoft Office 365 plugin suite. Enovation Dev Team 7
Skype Activities Skype Activity Module For moodle 1.9- download can be found here: http://download.moodle.org/download.php/plugins/mod/skype.zip For all other versions: https://moodle.org/plugins/pluginversions.php?plugin=mod_skype ETH Zürich 27
Sky High Themes This theme was part of the Moodle core distribution, but for Moodle 2.7+ has been moved to Moodle Plugins Mary Evans 10
Skim Import TinyMCE The Skim Import plugin converts notes exported from the Skim PDF annotation tool into a format that displays nicely in Moodle. Justin Hunt 1
Sketchfab for Atto Atto Sketchfab 3d model embedding Jetha Chan 6
Sketchfab Filter Filters Replace Sketchfab image embeds with a 3D viewer Jetha Chan 4
Sketch Atto Simple image "paint like" editor for atto. Matthew Davidson 14
Sketch TinyMCE Simple image "paint like" editor for tinymce. Matthew Davidson 5
Sitewide User report Grade reports Site wide user report which can be filtered by course category or course Barry Oosthuizen 14
sitenavigation Blocks A block to navigate through all categories and subcategories of Moodle sites merged with my own previous myCourses Block to navigate own courses. Rosario Carcò 1
Site Outcomes report Reports Standard outcomes report. Matthew Davidson 3
Site news Blocks Display site news in full scale at my startpage. Jan Eberhardt 10
Single activity format Course formats Allows to create course that consists of only one activity Marina Glancy 2
SimpleSpeak text-to-speech Filters A Moodle filter to provide speech synthesis (text-to-speech/ TTS) services for arbitrary text. Nick Freear 9
SimpleSpace Themes This is a three column flexible width theme. John St 3
Simple Navigation Block Blocks This block provides a navigation as it is often used on standard websites. David Bogner 5
Simple map Blocks This block provides a Google map search for places you uploaded via a csv file. For example you can upload a list of libraries of your country and then, the user can find the closest library for the given address of the user. David Bogner 3
Simple lesson Activities A simplified approach to a lesson module. Allows multiple pages, addition of questions by picking from the question bank, simplified reporting for teachers and students and implements GDPR requirements. Designed for Moodle 3.5. Richard Jones 11
Simple Course Creator General plugins (Local) This tool allows users to create a course with minimum or allowed options. Shubhendra Doiphode 4
Simple Clock Blocks A simple JavaScript clock that highlights the time difference between a student and the Moodle server Michael de Raadt 24
Simple Certificate Activities This is a new activity module, Simple Certificate,which no needs to change any code to add a new certificate format, and moodle's administrator don't need to upload image files. The certificate text are full customizable, using special text marks that will be replaced by variables (like student name, course name, grade, ...), don't need to change any translation file. Carlos Alexandre Fonseca 115
Simple 2-Factor Auth Authentication Add an extra layer of security to your Moodle site. During the login process, the users will be prompted to enter a verification code that will be delivered to them via Email and it must be valid for them to continue signing in. You can have increased security with this simple plugin. It simply verifies if the user who is authenticating delivers and requires the verification code to let the user continue with his authentication. LMS Doctor 1
Simple Themes Simple design, follows the best practice of responsive web design. Web ICT ZHAW 23
Silverlight video embed filter Filters Silverlight Smooth Streaming media embed filter for Moodle 2.x. To be used with IIS Smooth Streaming server. Kirill Astashov 2
Signup Enrolment This enrolment plugin lets you enrol users in the desired courses when they sign up to Moodle. Antonio Duran 31
Sign In Sheet - Attendance / Signature list generator Blocks This block is a simple way to generate attendance / signature lists for students in your course. Kyle Goslin 44
ShortMath Question types A question type for writing mathematical expressions using MathQuill. This question type is an extension of the shortanswer question type, and has been designed for use with JazzQuiz. André Storhaug 9
Shortcodes Filters Allows users to inject and modify content using shortcodes provided by other plugins. Frédéric Massart 15
Shoelace Themes A Bootstrap derived theme with a light feel through colour and font selection. Gareth J Barnard 5
Shoehorn Themes A clean, professional and innovative Bootstrap version 3 based theme. Gareth J Barnard 10
Sharp Themes A simple, sleek look with a variety of contrasting colors for personal, professional or academic use. 3i Logic LMS 6
Sharing Cart Blocks The Sharing Cart is a block that enables sharing of Moodle content (resources, activities) between multiple courses on your site. Sharing Cart 3.0 was submitted to Remote Learner for independent vetting and passed May 2016. Updated and tested OK for Moodle 3.3>>3.7 on 10 September 2019. Includes new 'Section Copy' feature and Postgres compatibility (co-funded by Ulm University, Germany and Sapporo Gakuin University, Japan). Don Hinkelman 123
Sharedresources Library Repositories A repository view of sharedresources file pool so they can be used in other context calling for files inclusion. Valery Fremaux 2
Shared Resources Tools Blocks This utility block is to be used with the Sharedresource module,and the Sharedresources central library (local). It provides some conversion and feeding utilities. Valery Fremaux 1
Shared Resources Center General plugins (Local) This additional component provides Moodle with a sote level Library front end, for exploring searching or browsing common pool of public resources, using a rich metadata based search engine. Valery Fremaux 18