Favourite plugins

List of plugins that have been marked as favourite by the Moodle community members.
Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Favourited
Turnitin plagiarism plugin Plagiarism Turnitin is a commercial plagiarism detection system which requires a paid subscription to use - This Plugin integrates with the existing Moodle Assignment module. John McGettrick 59
Turnitin Blocks Turnitin's block allows users to access Turnitin's Class Restoration functionality which is contained within Turnitin's Moodle Direct V2. The block is developed and maintained by Turnitin. John McGettrick 3
Tripleplay Filter plugin Filters The Tripleplay Filter plugin will automatically convert media inserted using the Tripleplay repository plugin to display the content. Tripleplay Services 1
Trema Themes Trema has a focus on usability and beauty, so for that to became real the developers have tried to make something clean and usable for everyone in the community. Trevor Furtado 31
Treasure Hunt Activities Outdoor, indoor and virtual-map treasure-chases with geolocation and QR codes. This module for Moodle allows to organize outdoor-serious-games with your students. TreasureHunt implements a browser-based play application (no need to install any native app) and a geographical editor for encoding the stages of the game. The game can be configured with a range of options that make the module to be very flexible and useful in many situations: individual/team, moving/desktop-marking, scoring from time, position, completion, etc. Languages: Chinese, English, German, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, more to come... Juan Pablo de Castro 46
Trax Logs Log storage This plugin transforms Moodle logs into xAPI statements, and sends then to your LRS. Sébastien FRAYSSE 4
Transition Themes Theme based on Material Design guidelines Magno Valdetaro 1
Training Sessions Reports Aggregates time use stats given by the use_stats block for elaborating high level training reports in Profesional Development environments Valery Fremaux 23
Training Themes Training is a simple and easy clean looking theme uncluttered by lots of options which is great for beginners or when you just need to get something that looks great out the door quickly. Michael Milette 5
Track the user location Blocks This plugin track the user current location Nitin Tatte 1
Topics format (colours) Course formats This course format, based on the 'Topics' standard format, allows a teacher to specify the foreground and background colours for each course section. Davo Smith 6
Topic Forums course format Course formats Topic Forums course format adds forums below the topic sections of the Onetopic course format. Each topic has its own discussion forum. ca2si Etan 10
Toggle preview Atto An Atto editor plugin that shows a preview of the filtered editor content. Daniel Thies 26
TinyMCE LaTeX Plugin TinyMCE Moodle plugin to write formulae in TinyMCE through Google APIs Yevhen Matasar 8
Tin Can Learner Stream Blocks A block to display a learner's Tin Can activity stream Andrew Downes 4
Timestat Experimental Timestat block measures users real activity time. Time is increased only when Moodle tab is active in browser. Łukasz Sanokowski 17
Timestamp input User profile fields A user profile field type that shows a timestamp both as human readable and unix time format. Jordi Pujol-Ahulló 4
Timeline Widget Filters A filter to embed an MIT SIMILE Timeline Javascript interactive widget. You and your class can use it to visualize temporal/ historical data. Nick Freear 2
Tiles format Course formats A course format which displays course topics as "Tiles", in a grid rather than as a list. When clicked, tile content is displayed under the tile with an animated transition. The layout adapts to different screen sizes and orientations. Within each tile, activities can also be set to display as "sub-tiles". For each tile, the teacher can pick an icon from a predefined set, or upload a background photo. David Watson 102
theme_coursesearch Themes coursesearch theme is required by course search plugin. Installing coursesearch theme will start evaluating course search results from course search plugin out of box. Shashikant Vaishnav 8
Theme tester Admin tools A Moodle Theme Testing tool, with a focus on Bootstrap 4 based themes. David Scotson 19
Theme selector Blocks Provides a quick way of changing themes or clearing the theme cache. Gareth J Barnard 18
The augmented teacher General plugins (Local) The augmented teacher is a plugin that provides bulk e-mailing within courses using short codes such as users' first name, last name and course name. Tue Bjerl Nielsen 13
Thai Buddhist Calendar Type Calendars Moodle calendar type for Thai Buddhist year PONLAWAT WEERAPANPISIT 1
Temporary enrolments General plugins (Local) A Moodle plugin to manage temporary/provisional course site access for wait-listed or unregistered students. Andrew Zito 5
Temporary enrolments Blocks [RETIRED] A block which displays users marked as temporarily enrolled by the local_temporary_enrolments plugin. Andrew Zito 2
Templates Generator Blocks The Template Generator block provides uniformity in courses structure; also the course creator reduces the time and effort expended in generating a new one. It allows that a user with minimal knowledge of Moodle could easily create a course with a predetermined format. Includes course templates management and configuration letting import template elements to a new course. Furthermore, allows educational modalities management and configuration which represent a higher hierarchical level in the inheritance between templates. That allows the creation of educational modalities, templates that inherit the structures of these modalities and courses with the structure of a template or an educational modality previously defined. Through backups and reports analysis was determinated the use of that philosophy for restoring and statistics generating about the used templates. It also allows the creation of multiple courses based on a template and supports the process of courses requests on the platform. Amet Martinez Verdecia 1
Templates Atto This is an atto plugin for Moodle which allows the administrator to define a set of predefined templates which a teacher can insert into their course pages Mark Sharp 31
Tema Moodle na Prática Themes Tema customizado por Moodle na Prática que teve como base o tema Clean. Leandro Maiotte 4
Telegram Messaging outputs This plugin provides a Moodle message output for Telegram. Users can configure the plugin to send Moodle notifications through a Telegram Bot and channel. Mike Churchward 23
tele-TASK Activities This module allows video playback of single and dual stream lecture videos in a moodle course. It offers direct integration of the tele-TASK recording system and supports mp4 videos playback from different sources. Martin Malchow 6
Technical Project Activities The "techproject" activity module provides a complete project driving tool, IEEE compliant, in a pedagogical environment, for real project use or for pedagogical approach of project management. Valery Fremaux 10
TeamUp Activities This is an advanced tool for building groups based off a set of criteria. You ask students some questions. After the groups are created based on four simple actions on students answers (Group similar individuals, Disperse similar individuals, Avoid minorities, Balancing Level) Dominique Palumbo 7
Team Builder Activities Developed by UNSW, this is an advanced tool for building teams based off a set of criteria. You ask your students some questions, and then develop a predicate based off their answers for your teams. This is great if you want a little more control than "Assign Randomly" but less work than "Manual Allocation". Adam Olley 28
Team Assignment Assignment types The Moodle Team Assignment allows students to organise themselves into teams of 1 or more students for the purpose of completing an assignment. A team submission (which may consist of one or more files) is then submitted to Moodle for marking by the teacher. When the teacher marks the submission they can grade the students with a single team mark. If necessary, 1 or more team members can be given individual marks. Note that this version does not support rubric grading. Paul Charsley 5
Teaching Team Blocks Teaching Team is a block that displays profile pictures and contact details of the academic and support staff. Mikhail Janowski 25
Teacher Diary Activities Teacher diary allows teachers to write a summary for each lecture they have adding the amount of time they spent on that. Domenico Pontari 2
TaskChain Activities TaskChain activity module for Moodle 2.x Gordon Bateson 35
Taleem Themes Taleem is a responsive multi-purpose education multicolor Moodle theme which is ideal for educational and academic institutions websites. Vowel Web 1
Tagged Course Search Blocks This block - based on Moodle 3.5 course overview - allows users to search courses by tag. Andil Technologies de l'information et de la formation 8
Tag input Experimental The database tags field creates tags from comma separated text, similar to the way that Moodle generates tags from the 'Interests' field in the User Profile, but specifically for the database activity. When a record is displayed these are hyperlinked and when clicked will display a filtered search result based on the tag value. Andrew Hancox 1
Tabs Filters Moodle filter which creates tabs in textfields José Puente Fuentes 43
Tabs PoodLL Widget / Generico Tabs separate content by heading and are an efficient way to organize data and avoid lots of scrolling. Poodll Guy 3
Table of Contents Generator Filters Automatically generated table of contents for a page of content. Ben Chenoweth 6
Syntax Highlighter Filters This is a filter plugin that uses a 3rd party Javascript module called highlight.js to make your code look like something you'd see in an IDE. Mark Sharp 11
Synchronize groups Admin tools With this plugin you can synchronize groups and groups members between two courses, in a way that a course A will be a mirror of course B. Only users that are already enrolled are added as group members. Daniel Neis Araujo 20
SWF-Activity-Module Activities The SWF Activity Module is a Moodle plugin for deploying multimedia Flash learning applications, also known as Flash templates, videos, and playlists. Matt Bury 10
Suspend User Blocks This plugin suspends user accounts based on a csv file with email addresses. Access is controlled by a capability. Benjamin Wolf 2
Supporter Admin tools Easily manage your users and courses within a single window without reloading whole pages. Look up users and courses, enrol students, change settings and much more. oa73neve Königstein 11
Supervised access rule Quiz access rules Allows restrict quiz access to supervised sessions only. Block "supervised" is used to track such sessions. Oleg Sychev 4