Favourite plugins

List of plugins that have been marked as favourite by the Moodle community members.
Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Favourited
Restriction by IP address Availability conditions Moodle availability plugin which lets users restrict resources and activities with ip address access Luuk Verhoeven 8
Auto enrolment Enrolment This plugin allows for an enrolment into a course to occur automatically when a user views a course or course activity/resource. The plugin can also be configured to enrol a user upon login. Eugene Venter 68
Question Creation Activity Activities The Question Creation Activity is a graded activity where students must create questions in the Moodle question bank. A teacher grades the questions. The students get a grade for the questions they create. Jean-Michel Védrine 42
All-or-Nothing Multiple Choice Question types The all-or-nothing multiple choice question is a version of the core multi-answer multiple choice question with modified grading. In an all-or-nothing multiple choice question, a respondent can choose one or more answers. If the chosen answers correspond exactly to the correct choices defined in the question, the respondent gets 100%. If he/she chooses any incorrect choices or does not select all of the correct choices, the grade is 0%. Jean-Michel Védrine 39
Formulas question type Question types This is a question type plugin for Moodle with random values and multiple answer fields. Jean-Michel Védrine 30
Algebra Question types Question type where the student must answer by typing an algebra formula. Correctness can be checked by three different methods. Jean-Michel Védrine 24
Gift with medias format Question formats Question import format similar to Gift and uses the same syntax, but instead of a text file it imports a zip file containing the gift text file and media files (images, sounds, ...); Jean-Michel Védrine 21
Canvas Question formats Question import format to import questions saved as an XML file from the Canvas LMS into Moodle. Jean-Michel Védrine 6
Java Molecular Editor Question types Question type created by Dan Stowell. The student draw a molecule as a response to a question using the editor and that response is graded by comparing against various model answers. Old version of the JME question type were using a java applet, but this question type now uses a Javascript applet: JSME. JSME is a free and Open source molecule editor written in JavaScript. Jean-Michel Védrine 6
Import all or nothing format Question formats Question import format that takes a Moodle XML file and import all multichoice questions as all or nothing multichoice questions. Companion of the qtype_multichoiceset plugin Jean-Michel Védrine 3
Fronter Question formats Moodle question import format to import questions saved as an XML file from the Fronter LMS into Moodle Jean-Michel Védrine 2
Initials Profile Pics General plugins (Local) A local plugin for Moodle which automatically creates profile pictures for users based on their initials. Paul Vaughan 15
Course Awards Reports An admin report used to show votes and notes cast, and medals awarded, using the 'Course Awards - Vote' and 'Course Award - Medal' blocks, both of which are required to install this report. Paul Vaughan 4
Course Awards - Medal Blocks A block used by site admins to award a 'medal' to a course. Companion block to 'Course Awards - Vote'. Paul Vaughan 3
Enrolment Key Generator Blocks Enrolment Key Generator (EKG) is an administrative block (usable by teachers and above) which creates random course enrolment keys from lists of words, but with a number of configuration options if you are not keen on the defaults. Paul Vaughan 1
Course Awards - Vote Blocks A block used to collect a student's grade for a course (based on UK inspectorate OFSTED's scheme) and optionally a comment also. Paul Vaughan 1
vmatching Question types Vertical Matching Ravi Vare 2
Above and Beyond Themes A simple, sleek new look for your personal use. Ryan Van Ess 3
Mass enrolments General plugins (Local) A tool to all teachers to enrol existing users to their courses using CSV files (without bothering the admins) Rogier van Dongen 41
Enrol users with CSV Blocks This block allows teachers to enrol users into a course by allowing a teacher to upload an csv file with only email addresses. Ted van den Brink 7
Transition Themes Theme based on Material Design guidelines Magno Valdetaro 1
Acme BananaByte Themes Fluid theme with a dark typographic design. Marco Valadares 6
Bbyte Fusion Mod Themes BByte Fusion Mod is a redesign of the Fusion theme with some important settings that made ​​it even better. Marco Valadares 3
Advance course search Admin tools Course search plugin is replacement of existing course search with the more better performance & extra features. Shashikant Vaishnav 14
theme_coursesearch Themes coursesearch theme is required by course search plugin. Installing coursesearch theme will start evaluating course search results from course search plugin out of box. Shashikant Vaishnav 8
ODS OAI-PMH Blocks This Moodle block plugin serves as Data Provider for OAI-PMH 2.0 Harvester. Plugin enables Moodle administrator to define global settings for Data Provider as well as default metadata sharing for courses. Sinisa & Vlatka V&S 1
QR code Blocks A Moodle block to display a QR code link that leads to the course page. The QR code can be downloaded by teachers, e.g. to put them into introductory slides. A custom logo can be shown within the QR code. Learnweb – University of Münster 31
Fair Allocation Activities This Module lets you add an activity to courses, in which users can rate choices. You may then distribute the users fairly to the choices by maximising overall 'hapiness' in terms of ratings. This may be an alternative to the choice activity or first-come-first-served. Learnweb – University of Münster 31
Moodleoverflow Activities A non-linear, non-chronological discussion forum. Similar to the forum activity, but focuses on straightforward question-and-answer discussions. Additionally, users rate posts and gain a rating score ("reputation") by being rated by other users. Users who have started a discussion can mark an answer as helpful; and teachers can mark a post as a (correct) solution to the posed question. Learnweb – University of Münster 30
Groups and Groupings Blocks A Moodle block to display groups and groupings to users. The plugin differentiates between the capability rights of users to evaluate the appropriate amount of information to be displayed. Learnweb – University of Münster 28
Course Life Cycle Admin tools Course Life Cycle is a moodle plugin, which has the purpose to help you with the execution of reoccurring tasks on your moodle platform. Possible use cases are (not limited to): Deleting courses at end of life (including asking teachers for permission). Doing a rollover at the end of a semester. Automatically setting an end date for courses. Learnweb – University of Münster 22
Group Members Activities This plugin adds a resource module. Teachers can use it to communicate groups and group co-members to participants. Learnweb – University of Münster 21
ownCloud Repositories Enable users to upload files from their private storage directly into Moodle. Supports Nextcloud and ownCloud! Learnweb – University of Münster 14
Opencast API Admin tools This tool provides API functions as well as general settings for the different opencast tools (e.g. block_opencast, filter_opencast, repository_opencast) and is required by them. The tool stores the relation between courses and series ids and offers webservice endpoints for the opencast role provider. Learnweb – University of Münster 9
Opencast Videos Blocks This block can be used to link moodle courses to opencast series. Users with respective priviledges (in the following called teacher) can use this block to upload videos to moodle. These videos are transmitted to the opencast system by the cronjob and create a event for the respective series there. The block can be automatically set the access privileges of moodle user enrolled in the course. Learnweb – University of Münster 9
Collabora - Collaborative document editing Activities This activity module provides a document editor for real-time collaboration. Changes to a document are immediately reflected for other users who are accessing the same document. Moodle users can collaborate on simple text files, word, spreadsheet and presentation documents or upload a document. The plugin requires a self-hosted Collabora Online Server (CODE) that is accessed using the so-called WOPI protocol. Learnweb – University of Münster 9
Nextcloud Repositories Enable users to upload files from their private storage directly into Moodle. Supports Nextcloud and ownCloud! Learnweb – University of Münster 7
Collaborative Folders Activities Enhance collaboration by providing shared folders to your students automatically. No need to collect Dropbox or ownCloud e-mail addresses anymore: Just add it to a course and select the groups that should collaborate. ownCloud/Nextcloud will privately share one folder per group to its members! Learnweb – University of Münster 4
Static Pages General plugins (Local) Moodle plugin which displays static information pages which exist outside any course, imprint or faq pages for example, complete with Moodle navigation and theme Ulm University 128
Styles Atto Moodle Atto plugin which lets the administrator provide custom CSS classes which can afterwards be applied by users to block and inline text in Atto Ulm University 63
Boost navigation fumbling General plugins (Local) Moodle plugin which tries to overcome some fixed appearance behaviours of Boost's nav drawer in a clean way Ulm University 62
LDAP server (Sync Plus) Authentication Moodle authentication plugin which provides all functionality of auth_ldap, but supports advanced features for the LDAP synchronization task and LDAP authentication. Ulm University 49
Boost Campus Themes Moodle Boost child theme which is intended to meet the needs of university campuses and adds several features and improvements. Ulm University 44
Profile field based cohort membership General plugins (Local) Moodle plugin which lets admins manage cohort memberships based on users' custom profile fields Ulm University 41
Restriction by course role Availability conditions Moodle availability plugin which lets users restrict resources, activities and sections based on roles Ulm University 36
People Blocks Moodle block which displays all teachers of a course with contact quicklinks, as well as a quicklink to the participants list Ulm University 34
Sandbox General plugins (Local) Moodle plugin which programatically restores courses to predefined course states. It can be used to provide playground moodle courses which will be cleaned periodically. Ulm University 34
Restriction by password Availability conditions Moodle availability plugin which lets users restrict resources and activities with password access Ulm University 32
Course overview on campus Blocks Moodle block which provides all functionality of block_course_overview, provides additional filters to be used on university campuses as well as the possibility to hide courses from the course list Ulm University 32
Opcache management Admin tools Moodle plugin which adds a PHP Opcache management GUI to Moodle site administration, a CLI tool to reset PHP Opcache and a Nagios check for PHP Opcache. Ulm University 29