Favourite plugins

List of plugins that have been marked as favourite by the Moodle community members.
Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Favourited
E-Voting Activities The E-Voting activity module enables students to vote via their smartphone or their laptop and to have the results displayed on a graph in real time. Christophe Hadorn 60
Gapfill Question types Cloze question type with VERY simple question creation syntax. Can do drag drop, dropdowns or gapfill questions Marcus Green 60
Educacionbe Themes This is the theme of Educacionbe moodle OnLine. It is based on the bootstrap and allows extensive customization and some unique to help improve the usability of Moodle features. Rediceñado with CSS3 all menus and buttons links. The theme includes bar menu based on Moodle. If you like it, please show some love by clicking "favourite" ( ♥ ) below! Hilario Guzman 59
Turnitin plagiarism plugin Plagiarism Turnitin is a commercial plagiarism detection system which requires a paid subscription to use - This Plugin integrates with the existing Moodle Assignment module. John McGettrick 59
eTask topics format Course formats eTask topics format is based on the topics format and includes grading table (above or below the course sections) with aditional functionality such as a highlighting of grading values, grade to pass settings, motivational progress charts and much more. Martin Drlik 59
NED - Mentor Manager Blocks With this block, the admin (or designated user) can assign mentors to students. Mentors can then access easy-to-read “progress reports” for their mentees. The admin (or designated users) can also create automated notifications that are sent to teachers, mentors or students based on pre-selected criteria (example: notification is emailed to mentor and student if student has not logged in for 7 days). NED Support 59
Analytics graphs Blocks Block that generates graphs intendend to facilitate pedagogical decisions. The graphs have zoom capabilities and allow fast communication with students through email. Marcelo Schmitt 58
Accessibility Blocks Provides options for changing text size and colour scheme. Settings can be saved to persist between sessions. Also integrates ATbar from Southampton University ECS. Hittesh Ahuja 58
Restriction by course completion Availability conditions Restrict module and section access based on course completion. Renaat Debleu 57
Exabis E-Portfolio Blocks Start ePortfolio work with Moodle – a compact block with everything needed to collect, select, reflect and share. Exabis ePortfolio establishes a learner driven way of contributing learning products during learning processes course independently. Key features are: - building up ePortfolios with an individual structure - linking ePortfolio-artefacts to competences - publishing of views with a selection of material - export to Europass for CVs - integration of OpenBadges - export to SCORM-format andreas riepl 57
Poster Activities Poster is a resource activity module allowing to create a web page. What makes this module unique is that the contents of the poster page is composed of Moodle blocks (such as HTML block, Calendar block, Latest news block etc.). It provides yet another place within the course where blocks can be put without polluting the course front page. David Mudrák 57
HotPot Activities HotPot module for Moodle 2.x Gordon Bateson 57
CodeRunner Question types A question type that allows question authors to set programming questions in which the student answer is code in some programming language, which is graded by running it. More generally it can handle any question to which the answer is text that can be graded by a computer program written by the question author. Richard Lobb 57
My Feedback Reports A Moodle Report that shows all student feedback on one page. Jessica Gramp 56
Dataform Activities The Dataform module allows the course manager to design and construct an entry form from various input elements (text and rich text fields, urls, files, pictures, etc.) in a flexible layout. Users can then add information records to a collection, which can be viewed in various ways and searched for particular items. Itamar Tzadok 54
OpenID Connect Authentication The OpenID Connect plugin provides single-sign-on functionality using configurable identity providers. Enovation Dev Team 54
User Tours General plugins (Local) This Moodle plugin allows administrators to create tours of Moodle to introduce new features, important information, and more. Andrew Nicols 54
GeoGebra Activities This module allows the incorporation of GeoGebra activities in Moodle and save its state. Projectes TAC Dep. Educació Catalunya 54
Course size Reports This plugin provides approximate disk usage by Moodle courses. Dan Marsden 54
Enrolment Timer Blocks Block to show the user their remaining time enrolled in a course with live countdown and lots of settings to customise the display of this timer. Learning Works 53
Presentation Activities Displays multimedia HTML5 presentations and slide shows in users' web browsers. A web friendly and more feature rich alternative to MS PowerPoint and PDF. However, presentations must be uploaded to moodledata via FTP and you'll need to learn some basic HTML to create presentations for it. Matt Bury 53
Attendance Blocks This block works with the attendance module, it provides teachers with quick access to Attendance functionality, and provides students quick access to a summary report for their own attendance. Dan Marsden 52
Admin presets Blocks Allow administrators to export the site settings to .xml presets, import and load other sites presets. Clément Prudhomme 52
Board Course formats "Board" (Grids and Blocks) is a course format in grid for Moodle 2.8 or later with full flexibility between sections and columns. You can choose quantity and width of columns and quantity of sections in each column. Rodrigo Brandão 52
Journal Activities This module allows a teacher to ask students to reflect on a particular topic. The students can edit and refine their answer over time. Cosmin HERMAN 52
Generico Filter Filters Generico is a simple filter for creating templates of code snippets and text that can be inserted into Moodle text areas. Justin Hunt 52
Archaius Themes Archaius is a moodle theme with several options to customize your Moodle Daniel Munera 52
HTML+ Atto An extended HTML plugin for atto which adds source beautification, and the code mirror source editor. Andrew Nicols 51
Mass Actions block Blocks This block allows instructors to perform actions upon multiple resources or activities, rather than having to perform repeated actions on individual items. Clem Smith 51
MindMap Format Course formats Mindmap Course Format allows Moodle users using courses through interactive, personalized mindmap. Additionally, it provides features unavailable in standard Moodle, which are: graphical presentation of conditional dependencies and distinction of modules where student have problems (and which are near deadline). Łukasz Sanokowski 50
STACK Question types The STACK question type adds a sophisticated assessment in mathematics and related disciplines, with emphasis on formative assessment underpinned by computer algebra. Christopher Sangwin 50
Reservation Activities This activity module permits to schedule an event with a defined reservation time. Roberto Pinna 50
Workflow block Blocks This block allows you to manage the process of producing courses or activities. A workflow make it clear who is responsible for doing the next step, and what tasks they should be doing. The workflow can also assign and unassign roles, or automatically set certain settings, when the workflow moves from one step to the next. Tim Hunt 50
StudentQuiz Activities StudentQuiz enables students to collaboratively create their own question pools within Moodle. Students can filter these questions into quizzes, and they can rate and comment on questions while working through the quizzes. StudentQuiz computes each students contribution and learning progress and compares this with the community. The created questions become part of the Moodle question bank and can be reused in other Moodle quizzes. Frank Koch 50
Roster Reports This is a simple report which displays the user pictures for everyone enrolled in the given course. Charles Fulton 50
SAML2 Single sign on Authentication SAML done 100% in moodle, fast, simple, secure Catalyst IT 50
LDAP server (Sync Plus) Authentication Moodle authentication plugin which provides all functionality of auth_ldap, but supports advanced features for the LDAP synchronization task and LDAP authentication. Ulm University 49
Full screen Atto An Atto plugin which enables full screen editing mode Daniel Thies 49
Kopere Dashboard Incubating Kopere Dashboard is a tool panel with reports, online users, backup, notifications and more. Eduardo Kraus 49
FontAwesome icons Filters This filter allows you to use fontawesome icons in the Moodle text editor without worrying about the HTML syntax. FFHS (Fernfachhochschule Schweiz) 49
Course completed enrolment Enrolment Enrol users upon completion of a course. Renaat Debleu 49
Merge user accounts Admin tools This administration tool will merge two Moodle user accounts into one. Nicolas Dunand 49
Elegance Themes Elegance is a beautiful two column Moodle theme with robust functionality and lots of custom settings. Bas Brands 49
Advanced Notifications Blocks Allows for notifications to be easily managed and set to be displayed to users Zander Potgieter 48
Autoenrol cohort Authentication This Authentication plugin automatically assigns users into cohorts based on information in their user profile fields. Dan Marsden 48
Drag and drop into text Question types A drag and drop question type where missing words have to be dragged into gaps in a paragraph of text. Tim Hunt 48
Poodll Filter Filters Poodll is a toolbox of features for Moodle, including audio and video recording, media players for the classroom and widgets such as tabs and stopwatches. The Poodll filter is a pre-requisite plugin for the Classic Poodll plugins. Justin Hunt 47
Student folder Activities With the module student folder (mod/publication) students can upload documents which can be made visible by teachers. AMC Academic Moodle Cooperation 47
Quiz Analytics Grade reports This plugin provides users with the most important part of an exam/quiz, i.e, analytics. Every attempt each user make on a quiz is scrutinised and relevant data are portrayed via visually appealing graphs. DualCube Team 47
Adaptive Quiz Activities Create tests that efficiently measure users' abilities by adapting the question difficulty to the estimate of the user's ability. Adam Franco 47