Favourite plugins

List of plugins that have been marked as favourite by the Moodle community members.
Name Plugin type Short description Lead maintainer Favourited
Participation credit Workshop evaluation plugins Simple grading evaluation method that gives credit to peer-reviewers just for their participation in the activity without comparing their assessment with the others. David Mudrák 11
Comparison with the weightiest assessment Workshop evaluation plugins Evaluation method for Moodle Workshop that uses the assessments with highest weight as reference for evaluating other assessments. Albert Gasset 5
Live allocation Workshop allocation strategies Allocation method for Moodle Workshop that automatically allocates for review submissions made during the assessment phase. Albert Gasset 10
RESTful protocol Web service protocols A REStful webservice plugin for Moodle LMS This plugin allows Moodle's webservice interface to operate in a more RESTFul way. Instead of each webservice call having a URL query parameter define what webservice function to use, webservice functions are made available by discrete URLs. Catalyst IT 10
REST protocol (with JSON/XML payload support) Web service protocols REST webservice protocol based on the standard core REST webservice, but with added support for JSON & XML payloads and supports using HTTP ACCEPTS headers for determining response format. Owen Barritt 6
SOAP protocol Full Documented Array Web service protocols Address issue MDL-28988. This SOAP plugin generate a WSDL with full documented array. Federico Ghigini 4
moosh Utilities Moosh stands for MOOdle SHell. It is a commandline tool that will allow you to perform most common Moodle tasks. It's inspired by Drush - a similar tool for Drupal. Tomasz Muras 44
gitplugins Utilities A cli administration tool to help deploying Moodle plugins via Git Guillaume Allègre 9
Conditional field User profile fields A drop-down menu field that shows/hides some other custom profile fields depending on its selected value. Shamim Rezaie 30
File upload User profile fields A file upload profile field for Moodle Shamim Rezaie 24
Associated input User profile fields An associated profile field, associates its value with a core optional profile field. Shamim Rezaie 22
Multi select menu custom user profile field User profile fields A multiselect menu as a custom user profile field for Moodle. How it could be useful: This new custom profile field type could be used in many cases like: 1. You have to differentiate users into groups and one user could be part of multiple groups 2. You want to take inputs from user at the time of registration or you manually want to fill some information for users like education, certificates they have done. 3. There could be various other cases like this, Nitin Jain 20
Dropdown dynamic menu User profile fields Dynamic menu user profile field for moodle Now users can create user menu fields whose values are retrieved from the moodle DB. Antonello Moro 12
Office 365 Connection User profile fields This plugin provides a link in users' profiles to access Office 365 management functions. **This plugin has been replaced by the Microsoft Block** Enovation Dev Team 10
Dynamic Multi Select User profile fields Dynamic Multi Select user profile field for Moodle. Now users can create user multi select fields whose values are retrieved from the moodle DB. Antonello Moro 10
CPF input User profile fields A cpf profile field type for moodle Willian Mano Araújo 9
a2fa QR code input User profile fields A QR field for the A2FA plugin (Another 2-Factor Authentication) Sam Battat 5
Timestamp input User profile fields A user profile field type that shows a timestamp both as human readable and unix time format. Jordi Pujol-Ahulló 4
CertificatesWall profile User profile fields This plugin is used to display user's achievements in the profile. The plugins pulls user's data from CertificatesWall.com and display "Certificates Wall" for the user in his Moodle profile. If the user has no profile on CertificatesWall.com then nothing is displayed. Roman Gelembiuk 3
OpenIDConnect Management User profile fields This plugin provides a link in users' profiles to access OpenID Connect management functions. **This plugin has been replaced by the Microsoft Block** Enovation Dev Team 2
Poodll Anywhere (TinyMCE) TinyMCE Poodll Anywhere for TinyMCE allows the user to record audio and video or draw pictures, or snap pictures, directly into forum posts, assignment descriptions, page resource content, question descriptions, question responses and other areas. Justin Hunt 32
Cloze Editor TinyMCE An interface that integrates with Moodles existing HTML editor (HTMLArea in 1.9 and TinyMCE in 2.x and 3.x) to support teachers in creating CLOZE (Embedded answers) questions in the GIFT syntax. It will also read and edit existing CLOZE items. Andreas Glombitza 31
MathType for TinyMCE by WIRIS TinyMCE Type and handwrite mathematical notation in Moodle with MathType. WIRIS team SUPPORT 24
YouTube Anywhere TinyMCE YouTube Anywhere enables direct recording and uploading into YouTube from the TinyMCE HTML editor. Justin Hunt 14
RecordRTC TinyMCE TinyMCE Add audio and video annotations to text, anywhere a TinyMCE text editor is present. This plugin adds buttons for recording audio or video (with audio) to the editor's toolbar. Using WebRTC technologies, all recording is done instantly in the browser. After recording, users can embed the annotation directly into the text they are currently editing. The recording will appear as an audio or video player in the published writing. Jesus Federico 10
Word count TinyMCE This plugin prints a word count in the bottom right-hand corner of your TinyMCE editor which updates as you type. Tony Butler 10
Virtual Keyboard TinyMCE Virtual keyboard is a TinyMCE editor add-on. DualCube Team 9
Mathslate for TinyMCE TinyMCE Mathslate adds a drag and drop mathematics editor to TinyMCE using MathJax as a renderer. Daniel Thies 9
TinyMCE LaTeX Plugin TinyMCE Moodle plugin to write formulae in TinyMCE through Google APIs Yevhen Matasar 8
Insert Media gallery TinyMCE Allows you to have carousels of a media gallery or galleries displayed in your course in labels and such. Adam Olley 7
Sketch TinyMCE Simple image "paint like" editor for tinymce. Matthew Davidson 5
Planet eStream TinyMCE Text Editor Plugin TinyMCE Embed content from Planet eStream into Moodle via the TinyMCE Text Editor, or upload new video/audio content directly into a Moodle page. Planet eStream 4
Manage embedded files TinyMCE This plugin will add a button to the TinyMCE text editor in Moodle that allows to manage files embedded in the current text area. Marina Glancy 3
Insert interactive activity (iAssign) by TinyMCE editor TinyMCE This plugin is a plugin for TinyMCE editor for insert any iLM (interactive Learning Modules) activities in any Moodle text. Leônidas Brandão 2
MediaCore TinyMCE Editor Chooser TinyMCE The MediaCore Moodle plugin gives your Moodle users one-click access to the MediaCore Chooser — allowing them to easily upload and embed media to any Moodle page, straight from inside Moodle. MediaCore Support 2
Cincopa TinyMCE TinyMCE Cincopa TinyMCE Editor plugin adds button to your text editor which allows you to insert Cincopa media gallery. It can be used on any post or page on your site. In order to use this plugin you will need to install Cincopa Media Filter plugin and register at https://cincopa.com Oren Shmulevich 1
MEDIAL TinyMCE Editor TinyMCE In order for the MEDIAL Video Assignment Activity to launch from the text editor you must install this TinyMCE Plugin. MEDIAL Video Assignment Activity allows Teachers and Students to create and respond to Video Assignments that are uploaded and cataloged in MEDIAL (a video streaming media library) rather than Moodle itself MEDIAL Streaming 1
Panopto Button - TinyMCE TinyMCE Adds a button in tinyMCE to embed videos from a panopto server. joseph malmsten 1
Skim Import TinyMCE The Skim Import plugin converts notes exported from the Skim PDF annotation tool into a format that displays nicely in Moodle. Justin Hunt 1
Adaptable Themes Adaptable is a highly customisable responsive two column theme designed for use on both large University installations as well as small training companies. Jez H 440
Essential Themes Essential is a clean and customizable theme. Essential is tested and tried by thousands of users, and ranks number one by site usage for all available third party themes. Gareth J Barnard 357
Aardvark Themes The original 'menubar' based theme for Moodle, evolved for the modern student. NO LONGER BEING DEVELOPED Shaun Daubney 280
Academi Themes Academi is a clever responsive moodle free theme ever suitable for your academy. Academi is a modern and customizable theme for all supported Moodle versions. LMSACE e-learning experts 255
Eguru Themes The Guru of moodle themes e-Guru - ultra responsive moodle theme with multi color pattern is free now in moodle plugin directory.It has stunning features that will be a suitable choice for your educational establishments and coming out with powerful admin theme setting options. LMSACE e-learning experts 253
Moove Themes Moove it's a modern theme, simple and focused on the main content. You can minimize both side columns to enjoy the maximum of space in your environment. If you like it, please show some love by clicking "favourite" ( ♥ ) below! Willian Mano Araújo 242
evolve-D Themes evolve-D(earborn) is a Moodle theme focused on simplicity and style. Turn on the custom frontpage and your site will sport an impressive and beautiful login page. Once logged in you have complete control over the custom homepage complete with a navigation bar with icons, search, text, slideshow, and more. Chris Kenniburg 236
BCU Themes This is the theme from the moodle site of Birmingham City University. It's based on bootstrap and allows for extensive customisation and some unique features to help improve Moodle's usability. Mike Grant 218
Fordson Themes The Fordson theme is focused on students going from login to learning, with features that help teachers build better courses and students engage with content. Your school is unique and Fordson provides impressive customizations for a professional and modern learning platform. Try out Fordson and show some love by clicking "favourite" ( ♥ ) ! Chris Kenniburg 211
Klass Themes Klass is fully responsive and coded with the latest techniques in HTML5 and CSS3,so it will work on all devices, all browsers, and it does it all seamlessly.Just download and make your e-learn website modern. LMSACE e-learning experts 179
Snap Themes Snap’s user-friendly and responsive design removes barriers to online learning, enabling you to create the modern, engaging experience user's expect on the web today. Its intuitive layout is optimised for online learning, focusing on the things that matter - your learning activities and content. Blackboard Open LMS Development 179