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Switch role Blocks Retro switch role block: in the latest versions of moodle the switch role feature/link has been moved in the user menu of the theme. In case you still want it in the blocks area or your theme doesn't have implemented the user menu or you have moodle embedded inside another application this block may help. The block redirects to the standard switch role page. Dorel Manolescu 4/12/2018 16:32
Flash apocalypse Reports This report lists activities, by type, in your site that contain flash-based content. Support for Flash ends in mid-2019 when most browsers will disable Flash player and your content will not display. Dan Marsden 5/12/2018 12:08
Point of view Blocks Did you ever want to know the feelings of students about your courses, exercises or other activities? Point of View is a reaction system with emojis representing feelings; students can vote and rate activities and hence share their experiences. It improves social networking and gamification in your courses with students and professors reactions. Point of view plugin allows to add customizable reaction buttons to moodle activities, display the number of users who reacted and the type of reaction or specify graphically difficulty levels for activities with color tracks. And it is fully customizable! Quentin Fombaron 6/12/2018 18:42