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Enables web conferencing between Moodle and Adobe Connect to be added as an activity to any course.

Webinar 2.0

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Webinar module for Moodle
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This is an activity module for web conferencing which enables Adobe Connect webinar
sessions to be added as an activity to any course.

UPDATE May 2014: this has been updated for Moodle 2.6, and bugs fixed that previously prevented use on Adobe Connect 9.


The Webinar activity module enables Adobe Connect hosted webinars to be added as an
activity to any course. This is intended for hosted Adobe deployments, not on-premise
deployments - see

The Webinar activity module includes the following functionality:

* Add/edit/delete webinar session
* Assign a host user to a session - based on 'teacher' system role
* Register for session / assign students to a session
* Unregister for session / unassign students from a session
* Automated email notifications to registered students
* Join session
* View / record webinar
* Run attendance report

All webinar administration is done from within Moodle from setting up webinar sessions,
registering users on webinar sessions and joining sessions. Only when the student clicks
on Join Session do they leave Moodle and view the webinar in the Adobe Connect Player
window. Upon exiting the webinar session they will be returned to the Moodle course page.

It has been tested using Adobe Connect Pro 9 hosted accounts, using the Adobe Connect
Web Services API - see


* Moodle 2.6
* An Adobe Connect account - register for a 30-day free trial at
* All users attending session will be required to have Flash Player 10.1 or higher,
with the ability to install Adobe Connect Add-Ins in order to share their screen.


1- Unpack the module into your moodle install in order to create a mod/webinar directory.

2- Visit the /admin/index.php page to trigger the database installation.

3- (Optional) Change the default options in the activity modules configuration.

4- (Optional) Assign roles of teacher or non-editing teacher to one or more users to be able
to assign them as webinar hosts.


Feel free to send bug reports (and/or patches!) to the current maintainer:

Mark Aberdour (
Joe Barber (


(see the ChangeLog.txt file)
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