Question formats: Microsoft Word File Import/Export (Question Format)

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Export questions (including images) in a question bank into a Word file, and also import questions from structured tables in a Word (.docx format) file.

Microsoft Word File Import/Export (Question Format) v2.8.5 (Build: 20140512.1_9)

Release notes

Release notes

Date Version Comment
2014/05/12 2.8.5 Handle invalid 'complete="true"' attribute in images, fix loop through all CDATA
sections, keep tr elements when cleaning HTML manually.

2014/05/07 2.8.4 Fix error in image handling in Moodle 1.9, add work-around to cope with XSLT
idiosyncrasies that insert namespace declaration on wrong element, breaking the
Word export facility. Fix mishandling of Hints in Short Answer export.

2014/05/04 2.8.3 Improve image handling to properly export any images used inside feedback text.

2014/05/03 2.8.2 Handle images with names that include spaces or other non-alphanumeric characters.

2014/05/02 2.8.1 CONTRIB-5028: clean up HTML markup (using strip_tags) better using if the PHP tidy
extension is not installed.

2014/04/28 2.8 Use the PHP tidy extension to ensure that any HTML inside CDATA sections is well-formed
XHTML, otherwise Word export fails.

2014/02/27 2.7.1 Add Word export support for RTL languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

2014/02/03 2.7 Add Word export support for languages other than English, using labels in the language
of the users' current interface language selection. Also support new Moodle 2.x
question features such as Hints and Tags.

2014/01/03 2.6 Add support for including any images used in questions exported into a Word file, in a
two-stage process that also requires using a command in the Moodle2Word Word template to
embed the encoded images into the file.

2013/12/20 2.5 Improve handling of CDATA text that includes HTML markup, and the Moodle 1.9 question
textancillary image element.

2013/03/15 2.4 Improve handling of Cloze question formatting when exporting to Word format.

Moodle 1.9

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v2.8.5 (Build: 20140512.1_9)
Can be updated from
1.9 (Build: 20130429), 2.7 (Build: 20140203.1_9), 2.7.1 (Build: 20140227.1_9), 2.8 (Build: 2014042801.1_9), 2.8.1 (Build: 20140502.1_9), v2.8.2 (20140503), v2.8.3 (20140504.1_9), v2.8.4 (Build: 20140507.1_9), v2.8.4 (Build: 2014050703.1_9)
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Moodle 1.9
  • This is the latest release for Moodle 1.9

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