Assignment types: Online Audio Recording

Maintained by Picture of Paul NichollsPaul Nicholls
Audio recorder (Flash 10.1+) with optional manual upload option. Records locally and uploads via HTTP POST, so no need for a streaming server!

Online Audio Recording 1.0.1

Release notes

Audio recorder updated to latest version to fix Chrome upload bug.

Moodle 1.9

Version information

Version build number
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Beta 1, Beta 1.01 for 1.9, Beta 1.02 for 1.9 (2011090803), Beta 2 for 1.9 (2011090804)
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Supported software
Moodle 1.9
  • This is the latest release for Moodle 1.9

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  1. Make sure you have all the required versions.
  2. Download and unpack the module.
  3. Place the folder (eg "myassigntype") in the "mod/assignment/type" subdirectory.
  4. Visit to finish the installation