General plugins (Local): Moodle Adminer

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This plugin is based on the great tool adminer. The main advantage of this plugin is, it can handle different types of database. So it works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MSSQL.

Moodle Adminer 3.5 (2019042500)

Release notes

Release notes

Version 2012060301

  • it is based on adminer-3.4.0-dev
  • now it works correctly again in google chrome
  • the query textarea can syntax highlighting

Version 2012060301

  • added missing lib/adminer.css

Version 2012091801

  • added support for MSSQL 2008 R2

Version 2013031601

  • it is based on adminer-3.6.4-dev
  • it uses the context_system class since moodle 2.2

Version 2013061301

Version 2014011601

Version 2014011602

  • ports other than default port are supported now - thanks to Ian Tasker

Version 2014111800

Version 2015052700

Version 2016061000

Version 2016102000

  • CONTRIB-6566 local_adminer: Hardening the Adminer for Moodle

Version 2016122600

Version 2017052800

  • compatible with moodle_31, moodle_32 and moodle_33
  • it is based on adminer-4.3.1 for more infos see here:
  • export feature in postgresql is working again
  • higher z-index value for overlay window
  • changed design to price/adminer.css

Version 2018040700

Version 2018040700

  • compatible with moodle_35
  • replaced grey box with bootstrap modal dialog
  • add a legacy css to work on themes not based on boost

Version 2018102100

Version 2019040700

Version 2019042500

  • fix visibility problem on old bootstrap based themes
  • change maturity to MATURITY_STABLE
Moodle 3.5, 3.6

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  2. Download and unpack the module.
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