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A non-linear, non-chronological discussion forum. Similar to the forum activity, but focuses on straightforward question-and-answer discussions. Additionally, users rate posts and gain a rating score ("reputation") by being rated by other users. Users who have started a discussion can mark an answer as helpful; and teachers can mark a post as a (correct) solution to the posed question.

Moodleoverflow v3.4-r2

Release notes

Stable release of the Moodleoverflow forum activity.


  • Verify sesskey before performing write actions (voting).
  • Prevent users from rating their own posts.
  • Use AJAX for upvoting and downvoting.
  • Adapt language strings to avoid the words "Teacher" or "Moodleoverflow" (unless necessary for clarification)
  • Add alternative texts for icon-only buttons/images.
  • Developers: Add PHPDoc to every file, class, and function.
Moodle 3.3, 3.4

Version information

Version build number
Version release name
Can be updated to
v3.5-r1 (2018051100), v3.5-r2, v3.6-r1 (2018112700), v3.7-r1 (2019051300)
Stable version
MD5 Sum
Supported software
Moodle 3.3, Moodle 3.4

Version control information

Version control system (VCS)
VCS repository URL
VCS tag

Default installation instructions for plugins of the type Activities

  1. Make sure you have all the required versions.
  2. Download and unpack the module.
  3. Place the folder (eg "assignment") in the "mod" subdirectory.
  4. Visit to finish the installation