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Questionnaire 3.3.3 (Build - 2018013100)

Release notes

Release Notes

Note, the Questionnaire 3.5 release can be installed on Moodle 3.3. Use the 3.5 release to get the latest new features.

Release 3.3.3 (Build - 2018013100)
New Features:
GHI #126 - Added enhanced notification feature for full submission data (backported from 3.4).
GHPR #105 9 Added support for block_myoverview.

Bug fixes:
GHPR #97 - Fixed calendar event deletion.
GHI #119 - Fixed code that was incorrectly removing data records when questions with responses were deleted.
CONTRIB-7140 - Fixed code that was counting elements of an array incorrectly.
CONTRIB-7109 - Added error handling to search indexing.
CONTRIB-7105 - Changed name of data column alias to a non-reserved Oracle word.

Release 3.3.2 (Build - 2017111400)
Poet - Removing unused class file preventing error in 3.4 caused by MDL-60194.
CONTRIB-7009 - Adding feedback data duplication to survey copying.
CONTRIB-7021 - Allowed filtering on the activity name for the view page.
GHPR #98 - Added 'sectionheading' and 'feedback' as pluginfile areas.
GHPR #91 - "Download in text format" fails to include the response data for some question types in versions 3.1.5+ on Oracle DB.
CONTRIB-6919 Adding XSS risk masks to appropriate capabilities.
CONTRIB-6918 Remove spaces from email addresses if they exist.

Release 3.3.1 (Build - 2017051800)
Bug fixes:
CONTRIB-6903 For very old installations, response.username field may contain "Anonymous". Make this numeric before modifying field.

Release 3.3.0 (Build - 2017050100)
New Features:
CONTRIB-6136 Assigned roles can receive Moodle notifications when a new submission is made.
CONTRIB-5615 'Never' can be assigned to a questionnaire for viewing other users' responses.

Improvements / Bug fixes:
CONTRIB-6896 Changed future reserved word 'numeric' to 'numerical' to avoid future problems.
CONTRIB-6892 'owner' field is now properly 'courseid' and integer.
CONTRIB-5655 Allowed for more text formatting for trusted users.
CONTRIB-4761 Changed 'username' to 'userid' for response data.

(see CHANGES.TXT in release 3.2 for earlier changes.)
Moodle 3.3

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Version build number
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3.3.3 (Build - 2018013100)
Can be updated to
3.5.1 (Build - 2018110100) (2018050106), 3.5.1 (Build - 2018110100), 3.5.1 (Build - 2018110100), 3.5.1 (Build - 2018110100) (2018050106)
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Moodle 3.3
  • This is the latest release for Moodle 3.3

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