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A simple dashboard plugin which creates a new dashboard for Moodle to access the various blocks present in an easy way.

KT Dashboard 1.0

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Moodle 3.0

Plugin type:

A Local Plugin

Plugin name:

KTree Dashboard

Short summary:

A Dashboard that will navigate the user to various entities such as:

§ Courses

§ Blogs

§ Assessments

§ Messages, etc..


In Moodle Users are having a difficult time finding items in the program.

To resolve this we proposed a new Dashboard to cater these problems called the KTree Dashboard Plugin.

After installing this Plugin the user can see a custom dashboard installed in his home page.

Using this Dashboard users can easily navigate through various blocks.

We had developed this plugin that will cater to this need by providing a Dashboard interface to the user.

The user when logs in will see the dashboard plugin under Home.

To access path is Home---->dashboard ( /local/dashboard)

This page will outline in a consolidated way, the key user items such as; 1.Courses 2.Assignments

3.Messages, etc..

Installation instructions: How to Install:

  1. Install the zip via Moodle's Plugin page. Select "local" as the type of plugin.

  2. Update the database using notifications page.

Post Install:

After installation once after logging in a user can find this dashboard installed in his homepage.

Please note that this plugin only supports 3.0+ version of Moodle.

Moodle 3.0

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Moodle 3.0
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