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Lets students create and select groups.
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Lets students create and select groups. 


  • Students can create groups, give them a description and set them password protected, if wanted
  • Students can select and join groups
  • Supervisors may be assigned to groups
  • Teacher can export course group list as a csv-file
  • Full compatibility with basic Moodle groups: groups may be created by other means if needed, supports group assignment submissions etc.
Many thanks to all contributors for this module, including original authors Petr Škoda and Helen Foster and previous maintainer Pirkka Pyykkönen


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Picture of Roger Barras
Roger Barras (Lead maintainer)
Picture of Petr Skoda
Petr Skoda: Original author
Picture of Pirkka Pyykkönen
Pirkka Pyykkönen: Previous maintainer
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  • Picture of Pirkka Pyykkönen
    Fri, Mar 20, 2015, 10:07 PM
    Thanks for your detailed answer and especially for pointing out those Oracle errors. I'll publish a new version next week. The field in question is password in groupselect table. It's probably best that I change the upgrade functionality to remove that field completely and update the code accordingly.

  • Picture of Michael Wuttke
    Fri, Mar 20, 2015, 11:51 PM
    Hello Pirkka,

    I've the same issue with moodle 2.8.5 and the 3.04 beta (20150107) version of the plugin. I also upgrade moodle and the groupselect plugin.

    I've got the following debug error message during a fresh install:

    XMLDB has detected one CHAR NOT NULL column (password) with '' (empty string) as DEFAULT value. This type of columns must have one meaningful DEFAULT declared or none (NULL). XMLDB have fixed it automatically changing it to none (NULL). The process will continue ok and proper defaults will be created accordingly with each DB requirements. Please fix it in source (XML and/or upgrade script) to avoid this message to be displayed.

    line 1874 of /lib/datalib.php: call to debugging()
    line 352 of /lib/xmldb/xmldb_object.php: call to xmldb_debug()
    line 255 of /lib/xmldb/xmldb_field.php: call to xmldb_object->debug()
    line 359 of /lib/xmldb/xmldb_field.php: call to xmldb_field->setDefault()
    line 543 of /lib/xmldb/xmldb_table.php: call to xmldb_field->arr2xmldb_field()
    line 259 of /lib/xmldb/xmldb_structure.php: call to xmldb_table->arr2xmldb_table()
    line 172 of /lib/xmldb/xmldb_file.php: call to xmldb_structure->arr2xmldb_structure()
    line 153 of /lib/xmldb/xmldb_file.php: call to xmldb_file->arr2xmldb_structure()
    line 341 of /lib/ddl/database_manager.php: call to xmldb_file->loadXMLStructure()
    line 362 of /lib/ddl/database_manager.php: call to database_manager->load_xmldb_file()
    line 667 of /lib/upgradelib.php: call to database_manager->install_from_xmldb_file()
    line 420 of /lib/upgradelib.php: call to upgrade_plugins_modules()
    line 1626 of /lib/upgradelib.php: call to upgrade_plugins()
    line 434 of /admin/index.php: call to upgrade_noncore()

    Maybe it will help you to fix the error.

  • Picture of Bei Chapman
    Wed, Mar 25, 2015, 3:05 AM
    Hi Pirkka,

    That would be great if you can fix it from the source. I need the new version of this plugin asap for our Moodle 2.8.3 upgrade. Please keep me updated.

    That "NULL" vs. '' (empty string) in the password field is what I have guessed too. Oracle is famous for being picky. Thanks Michael for bringing more info on it.

  • Picture of Pirkka Pyykkönen
    Thu, Mar 26, 2015, 12:32 AM
    Hi all,

    sorry for late response. I made the fixes and pushed them to the project GitHub repository:

    I'd appreciate if you Bei could confirm if it works now (I don't have an Oracle db) . I'll publish an official version here by the end of this week.

  • Picture of Bei Chapman
    Fri, Mar 27, 2015, 2:38 AM
    Hi Pirkka,

    I have upgraded mine to 3.0.5 beta (in Moodle 2.8.3 with Oracle DB as the back end db), and very glad to tell you that it is working perfectly now, no oracle errors and no password hunting any more.

    Thank you for your hard work.
  • Picture of Michael Wuttke
    Fri, Mar 27, 2015, 3:50 AM
    Hello Pirkka,

    also from me many thanks to you for your work. I also tested the plugin version 3.0.5 beta with moodle 2.8.5 and postgresql, and it works as expected. wink

    Just one thing: In the mod_form.php I think will change the mforms for studentcancreate, studentcansetdesc & deleteemptygroups from true to false. Because I don't want to disconcert our teachers/lecturers. wink

    Thanks a lot & Greatings,
  • Picture of Bei Chapman
    Fri, Mar 27, 2015, 9:34 PM
    Yes I will backup Michael's recommendation on the mforms as well.

    There is another small point that I have to change for my system. I modified style.css with the following:

    .mod_groupselect .edit, .text_to_html, td {
    word-wrap:break-word !important;
    /*word-break: break-all !important;*/

    I am not sure why you chose "word-break: break-all" for td. It creates text wrapping in the word for all columns in the system (e.g. report logs). Maybe you have some reason?

    Thanks again.
  • Picture of Nick Murray
    Sun, May 31, 2015, 6:43 PM
    Another vote for allow students to be members of multiple groups.

    We have a "student clinic", where "Clinic" itself is a course. We wish to allow students to sign up to each of the 4 or 5 clinic sessions running each week, using a group for each clinic session (Tuesday 7-11am, Tuesday 7.30-11.30am, Thursday 8-11, etc). Ultimately we hope to tie the group membership with the Attendance module, so we can take attendance for each clinic session (or group) rather than having all students in the Clinic course appearing in all sessions in the attendance module.
  • Picture of Michael Aherne
    Wed, Aug 12, 2015, 9:51 PM
    Hi Pirkka, are you planning to release a new version of this at some point? We're looking forward to getting the fix for the "master password" issue that is only currently in your Github master version!
  • Picture of Lee Newman
    Wed, Sep 9, 2015, 6:36 PM
    if you would like students to become members of more than 1 group, just find the following line in groupselect\view.php;

    $canselect = (has_capability ( 'mod/groupselect:select', $context ) and is_enrolled ( $context ) and empty ( $mygroups ));

    and change it to;

    $canselect = (has_capability ( 'mod/groupselect:select', $context ) and is_enrolled ( $context ));
  • Picture of Trevor Wood
    Fri, Dec 18, 2015, 8:37 AM
    Just wondering if it's my local config or a change in the plugin but the option to set limits on a group by group basis has disappeared. If that was removed from the plugin I'd be interested in the reasoning as I quite liked that feature.
  • Picture of Bert van der Hooft
    Wed, Jan 20, 2016, 7:54 PM
    Nice plugin. I would like to see a 3.0 version with the possibility that students can book themselves in multiple groups. I also would like to hide groups form the student view. Is this possible?
  • Picture of Bert van der Hooft
    Mon, Mar 28, 2016, 7:57 PM
    Breaks word wrap in moodle 3.0. E.g. Front page description, new account creation.
  • Picture of Adam Barbary
    Thu, Jun 2, 2016, 1:21 PM
    I have come across an interesting anomaly with this plugin. It appears that I cannot add an embedded image into the Description box, by uploading an image using the add image icon in the Atto editor. I can display and image if I link to an external image via URL though. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • Gareth J Barnard
    Wed, Jun 15, 2016, 8:27 PM
    Hi Pirkka,

    Are you actually maintaining this plugin anymore please? As this: is nearly a year old.

    Kind regards,

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