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The game activity module makes use of questions, quizzes and glossaries to create offer a variety of interactive games.

Game 2021-06-20-02

Moodle 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11
Released: Sunday, June 20, 2021, 11:33 PM

Changes in version 2021-06-20 * Fix Snakes: Shuffles answer in multichoice questions

Changes in version 2021-05-31 * Fix hiddenpicture: Problem when user gives wrong answer

Changes in version 2021-05-08 * Fix: Compatibility problems for Moodle 3.11

Changes in version 2021-05-03 * Crossword: Makes better legend

Changes in version 2021-05-02 * Fix: Compatibility problems for Moodle 3.11

Changes in version 2021-05-01 * Fix: Updated high score query for postgresql compatibility

Changes in version 2020-08-19 - Fix: Moodle 2.72 compatibility

Changes in version 2020-07-25 - Fix: Problem when finishing Millionaire game

Changes in version 2020-05-10 - Fix: typo problem in corrert character - Fix: max attempts in cryptex

Change for year 2018 - Fixes in Hangman by Filippos Kolovos - Hide "Check crossword" when crossword is finished. - CONTRIB-7699 Problem with upgrading game plugin - New: Supports test - CONTRIB-7692 Module Game: Intro fields definition inconsistency - Snakes and Laders: Fix problem at ending. - Adds intro text. - Fixes problem on hangman on incorrect answer - Removes some bad words from cryptex

Change for year 2018 - Book with questions works again - GDPR compliant - The game "Book with questions" is now hidden by default - CSS of crossword in a different file - Square cell on crossword by changing the css - CSS of crossword in a different file - Square cell on crossword by changing the css - Completion support - Fix in hangmang with glossary that contains attached imaged image files - Fix in cryptex when contains audio files - Fix in high score - New image set on hangman - New image set on "Snakes and Ladders" - New language string header_footer_options

Change for year 2017

  • Fix Moodle 3.4 compatibility problems
  • Fix stylings problems
  • Fix phpdocs problems
  • Change field name game_snakes_database.cols => usedcols
  • Change field name game_snakes_database.rows => usedrows
  • Fix conversation of columns (cols,rows) from string to int
  • in mod_form.php shows the correct numbers of correspondings questions/glossaryentries
  • in showanswrs.php shows the correspondings questions/glossaryentries
  • New: Auto check for common problem (mod_form.php and view.php for teachers)
  • Fix: Problems on backup/restore
  • New: Global glossaries
  • Fix conversation of columns (cols,rows) from string to int
  • Fix: Cloning a game
  • New: icon.png and icon.svg
  • Fix: Completion support
  • New: check params of crossword/cryptex
  • New: High score

Change for year 2016

  • Fix syntax error (missed fullstop for concatenation)
  • Merge pull request #10 from grigory-catalyst/MOODLE_20_STABLE
  • Fix missing string gameopenclose at lang/en/game.php
  • Fix compatibility with Moodle 2.5
  • New: Max compute time in crossword and cryptex
  • Fix Use get_types or get_shortcuts depended on version of Moodle
  • Fix Moodle 3.1 compatibility problems
  • Fix Moodle 31 compatibility
  • Change type of game_cross.createscore to double
  • New string (millionaire_lettersall) that will be used to Deutsch language

Change for year 2015

  • Fix: Millionaire with no random quiz questions.
  • New: User defined language at hangman and crossword.
  • Fix: Multianswer questions.
  • Fix: Hangman with greek and english words in the same game.
  • New: Multianswer questions on Book with questions Game.
  • Fix: Ignore multianswer questions on Millionaire Game.
  • New: Multianswer question on Sudoku Game.
  • New: Multianswer question on Snakes and Ladders Game.
  • New: FinishGame button on Cryptex Game.
  • New: Print button on Cryptex Game
  • Fix: Cryptex - Show grade while game continues
  • CONTRIB-5816: Question bank category not retrieved when Crossword is …
  • CONTRIB-5816: Question bank category not retrieved when Crossword is …
  • Fixing coding style.
  • New: Disable summarize of attempts.
  • CONTRIB-5605: Quotation marks breaks the js-code in game Cryptex.
  • Prevent Style Override of Crossword.
  • Add missing language string game:addinstance.
  • More RTL fixes.
  • Fixing problems on Millionaire with quiz.
  • Fixing in crossword no horizontal legend and print button.
  • Fix at backup.
  • Fix not to show how many correct letters are when printing the crossword.
  • Moodle 3.1 compatibility.
  • Fixing how is shows multichoice question on show answers.
  • Fix translations check at translate.php

Changes for year 2014

  • Fix:Problem on deletion of a game and restore a course
  • Fix:Moodle 2.8 compatibility
  • Fix: Change in description of parameters for game 'Snake and Laddes'
  • New: Image set in hangman
  • Fix: version.php compatibility with Moodle 2.7
  • Fix: Images in questions
  • Fix: Snakes compatibility with Moodle 1.6
  • Fix: Event compatibility with Moodle 1.6
  • New: parameter disabletransformuppercase in crossword
  • Fix: Compatibility with Moodle 2.7
  • New: Events in Moodle 2.7
  • Fix rtl: very basic fix so all games can be displayed in RTL
  • Fix: Problem when viewing the second page of game attempts
  • Fix: Millionaire error on Moodle 2.5
  • Fix: print_table deprecated
  • Fix: export to html of millionaire

Changes for year 2013

  • Fix: export to html of cross and millionaire
  • CONTRIB-4724: New function module_scale_used_anywhere() should be imp…
  • CONTRIB-4773 fixed various errors from Tim Lock
  • CONTRIB-4774 fix:crossword game activity throws database error
  • New: Ability to hide some games
  • Fix: Remove time limit
  • Fix: Moodle 2.6 compatibility
  • New Cross:Show/Hide print button
  • Fix: English language file game/lang/en/game.php does not contain $st…
  • Fix: field game_attempts.lastremoteip now saves only the first 30 cha…
  • Deleting file header.php for theme Essential
  • Fix: Backward compatibility with Moodle 2.0 and textlib
  • Fix: install.xml is now compatible with moodle 2.0
  • Fix: Rename header.php to headergame.php
  • Fix: Backups the field game.maxattempts
  • Fix: Problem when a question contains an apostrophe
  • Fix: Computing score in cross when using spaces
  • Fix: Show the correct number of attempts to a user
  • New: In parameters you can set the maximum number of attempts
  • Fix: Grading method now works ok
  • New: Writes the version of game at the form of editing the game
  • New: Cross,Cryptex can set the minimum number of words that a cross/c…
  • Remove translations
  • New string: modulename_help
  • Fix: Moodle 2.5 missing settype
  • Fix: Problem when using subcategories in questions
  • Fix: Snakes - Show message when not specified background images
  • Fix: Millionaire - Problem when using question with question with les…
  • Fix: ShowAnswers database error when using categories in glossaries.
  • Cross: Set N20 at least 15 (usefull when contains only small words)
  • Snake: Fix a problem with imasrc on heavy load

Changes for year 2012

  • Fix: HiddenPicture show answers when using a quiz
  • Fix: HiddenPicture: Default width / height
  • Fix: Completion settings
  • Fix: creating new object
  • Fix: Remove reference to yui2_lib
  • Fix: release in version.php
  • First commit 2.0 to git

Changes for year 2011

Changes for year 2010

  • Basque (eu) translation by Juan Ezeiza
  • Complete German translation by Joachim Vogelgesang
  • Translations of some Spanish (es) words from Carolina Avila
  • The games now checks how many times is used each word
  • Fix: syntax error in get_records_select
  • Fix for questions and quiz as input
  • Support for right to left allignment in Hangman, Crossword and Cryptex
  • First version for Moodle 2

Changes for year 2009

  • Millionaire: Select questions from quiz not randomly but serial
  • Better German (de) translation by Mike graf
  • Better random selection
  • Cryptex: Max tries on each question
  • Hebrew (he) translation by Nadav Kavalerchik
  • Hangman: Export picture-hangman to mobile phone
  • Hangman: Now support attachements from glossary

Changes for year 2008

  • Cross: Export to html and printing capability
  • Fixes: Problem when we select a category in glossary
  • New: First version of gradebook on moodle 1.9
  • Hangman: Fix - After guessing the word correctly the message displayed after "Congratulations" is not the feedback to the correct answer, but the feedback to the last incorrect question.
  • Hidden picture: Fixes a problem when filenames are capitals
  • Crossword: '-','/' are not bad chars now
  • Doesn't select the correct answer where there are more answers in one question
  • Database postgres compatibility
  • Polish (pl) translation
  • Include subcategories of questions
  • Translation to Dutch (nl)
  • Hangman: Export to html - works with other languages
  • Fix: Problem in mod.html
  • Javame: If can't create the jar file creates a zip file instead
  • Tables for exporting to javame
  • Translaton to Rusian (ru) by Ивченко Анатолий
  • Problem when the language of hangman words is different from current language
  • When you finish a game and press the 'New game' show some errors
  • CONTRIB-446 : When an answer is wrong in millionaire game, the correct answer shown by the system is also wrong
  • MDL-15454: After editing a new game for the first time should go to mod.php/update page to make the settings for this game
  • Norwegian (no) translation
  • Adding game module to CONTRIB.

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