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Maintained by Itamar Tzadok
An activity module for displaying/Interacting with Dataform content in a course section.
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The Dataform view module allows a course manager to display in a course section the content of a view of a Dataform activity from the course or the front page.

The flexibility of dataform views allows for a variety of applications. For instance, with the dataform's Interval view type, the content of the dataform block can be made to change periodically, sequentially or randomly, for purposes such as 'Quote of the Day', 'Weekly news', 'Random pic' etc. Javascript enhanced views may be used to populate to the course page complete photo galleries. Since the content of a view is constrained by user permissions, the dataform view module may be used to display on the course page restricted information to user's eyes only.


This plugin is part of set Dataform.


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Itamar Tzadok (Lead maintainer)
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