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The module is perfect for managing participants and subscription of online and offline courses and events.
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This plugin needs funding. If you rely on it, then consider a support contract so you can use it in the future as well. There are a lot of necessary tasks to be accomplished in order to keep the module working and up to date.


Version for Moodle 3.8 is not yet funded. If you use this plugin consider a maintenance/support contract in order to have a working module for your next Moodle upgrade! Contact info (at) for further information.


  • Implement automated testing
  • Upgrade from custom availability to Moodle availability API has to be done
  • Replace YUI Javascript framework with JQUERY framework (YUI is not developped anymore)
  • Provide documentation (only a part of the features are documented)
  • Language optimization (German language support lacks some strings)
  • Additional features

Recent contribution:

  • Automn 2018: Added Moodle mobile support. Added GDPR API.
  • Spring 2018: Moodle 3.4 suppport added, new features to add notes to bookings and to send ical fiels separately and to choose which data is used for the ical-field location. Several bug fixes.
  • Automn 2017: Sign-In Sheet download form with new download options, Customizable fields to display in the sign-in sheet and other areas, Improved editing of session times, Include session times in confirmation mail, and much more
  • July 2017: Transfer users to other booking option within a booking instance. Support for Moodle 3.2, 3.3 and Boost theme added. Bug fix when status changed from waitinglist to regularly booked in order to automatically subscribe users to the associated course. Design improvements, replace YUI framework with JQuery and AMD.
  • April 2017: New features added: sign-in sheet customization, custom fields for booking options funded by Lesterhuis Training & Consultancy
  • February 2017: PostgreSQL is available again! Thanks to funding of University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt
  • January 2017: Added completion settings based on rating and added rating feature for bookings. Thanks to funding of the University of Coventry
This is a powerful booking tool, that provides a lot of features. It is perfect managing course bookings, or bookings of events, that are not associated with a moodle course. Some of the features are:
  • Max participants
  • Waitinglist
  • Automatic course subscription
  • Automatic group subscription and creation of groups
  • Confirmation mail
  • Download userlist as xls or ods
  • Cancellation system
  • Subscription period
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Custom messages
  • Bulk subscription management
  • Assign teachers to be able to manage a single booking option
  • Sign-in Sheet as PDF (for print)
  • Custom fields for booking options
  • Activity completion
  • Rating and Grading
  • and a lot more.


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it's me
David Bogner (Lead maintainer)
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  • Picture of Ali Rajabpour Sanati
    Sat, Jun 23, 2012, 6:39 AM
    i've installed it on moodle 2.2, everything works fine except enrolling users to other courses, nothing happens when user book an event which is associated with
    another course... please help me
  • Picture of Ali Rajabpour Sanati
    Wed, Jul 4, 2012, 5:39 AM
    please help ....
  • it's me
    Wed, Jul 18, 2012, 4:43 AM
    users are not enrolled automatically after they have booked. Usually admins, or booking managers do bulk enrol them like that:
    Under the booking option click on
    "Manage XX bookings"
    Then click on "Select all" and then choose "Enrol users in the course"
    That's the way it goes.
    You get help faster if you write me a mail, I do not get notified, if anyone makes a comment here.
  • Picture of André Lausch
    Wed, Aug 1, 2012, 2:56 PM
    Gehe ich auf "X Antworten verwalten", so zeigt er mir nicht den Kurznamen des ausgewählten Kurses an, verlinkt ist aber richtig, denn wähle ich den Kurznamen aus, so bin ich beim ausgewählten und nicht beim angezeigten Kurs.
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