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A plugin that allows an attendance log to be kept. - includes an optional block for easy access to relevant functions.
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The Attendance activity allows teachers to maintain a record of attendance, replacing or supplementing a paper-based attendance register. It is primarily used in blended-learning environments where students are required to attend classes, lectures and tutorials and allows the teacher to track and optionally provide a grade for the students attendance. The instructor can set the frequency of their classes (# of days per week & length of course) or create specific sessions. 

To take attendance, the instructor clicks on the "Update Attendance" button and is presented with a list of all the students in that course, along with configurable options and comments. The default options provided are: Present, Absent, Late & Excused. Instructors can download the attendance for their course in Excel format or text format.

Sessions can also be configured to allow students to record their own attendance and a range of different reports are available.


This plugin is part of sets Attendance, MoodleCloud.


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Dan Marsden (Lead maintainer)
Artem Andreev: Previous maintainer/developer
Dmitry Pupinin: Original author
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  • Wed, Oct 11, 2017, 3:58 PM
    Hello, I installed the plugin on moodle 3.3.1 but I can not set the status. I received this error error/moodle/missing param. how can I fix it?
  • Wed, Oct 11, 2017, 4:14 PM
    @Accademia - that doesn't sound familiar. I sugggest you create a new forum post in the attendance forum: and include more information/screenshots, make sure you also turn debugging on and set the level to "developer" to make sure all error information is displayed.
  • Tue, Oct 17, 2017, 4:10 AM
    Hi, Hey,

    I need to change the position of the counter (originally located at the bottom). I need to put in the head. Does anyone know the way?. Thanks.
  • Tue, Oct 17, 2017, 4:52 AM
    @Ivan - this isn't really a group discussion. Try asking for help in the attendance forum: - you might also want to include a screenshot that shows what you are trying to do.
  • Sat, Nov 4, 2017, 1:42 PM
    "import attendance"can be a nice feature . can it be a part of this plugin.
  • Mon, Nov 6, 2017, 4:00 AM
    dnyaneshwar - please see the issues tracker for a list of feature requests - - If you would like to help fund the effort required to improve the plugin feel free to get in touch privately and we can discuss further.
  • Thu, Nov 9, 2017, 7:16 PM
    Hello ,

    I am using Attendance module in Moodle 3.2.1+ (Build: 20170112) . When I set "Allow students to record own attendance" in student view submit attendance button is missing an dthey can't mark their own attendance. Only teachers have the option to take it.
  • Fri, Nov 10, 2017, 4:31 AM
    @Sakshi - by default students can only mark their session while a session is open. There is a site-level setting that allows you to change this "studentscanmarksessiontime" under admin > plugins > attendance. For further help please use the discussion forum rather than the comments here:
  • Fri, Nov 17, 2017, 8:41 PM
    thank you for this great plug-in. I have a question about reporting the attendance of all students school-wide. I can only find the possibility to report at course level. Is there a way to report school-wide (in one report)?

    - Gabriel
  • Mon, Nov 20, 2017, 3:50 AM
    @Gabriel - there is a site-wide summary report that you can access by going to admin > plugins > attendance but it shows average attendance of each course rather than by student. There are a few custom reporting plugins like the configurable_reports block that would allow you to write your own reports though.
  • Thu, Nov 23, 2017, 1:13 AM
    Hi, this might just what I am looking for but when I try to install it through the Moodle plugins site it throws this error : There is a request to install plugin Attendance (mod_attendance) version 2016121322 from the Moodle Plugins directory on this site. However, the plugin installation pre-check failed (reason code: remoteunavailable).
    First time for me to see this error so I do not know what it means or how to fix it so I can install the plug in. Thank you in advanced for any advice you could give me. Moodle 3.3 is the moodle version

  • Thu, Nov 23, 2017, 3:24 AM
    Hi @Lee Hensley, this is an issue with your server setup rather than with the plugin. To get help with this error you should post in the Moodle Support forums:
  • Tue, Nov 28, 2017, 9:51 AM
    thank you for this great plug-in.our student may enroll in the different courses, is it possible to export a student's all courses attendance record in a file?
  • Tue, Nov 28, 2017, 1:37 PM
    you can view a specific students attendance for all courses on their user profile under the course overview reports but an easy export is not currently available - you could probably do this using the ad-hoc sql reporting or configurable reports plugins though.
  • Fri, Feb 16, 2018, 7:09 AM
    Dear, thank you very much for this useful plugin. Some suggestions:

    - Please, can you add the email field to export the attendance?
    - That the text can be modified in the help on username, adding it to the help of this plugin.
    - On line 207 of the file export.php ($ myxls = $ workbook-> add_worksheet ('Attendances');) I should say something like this: $ myxls = $ workbook-> add_worksheet (get_string ('modulenameplural', 'attendance'));

    From already thank you very much.
    Best regards.
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