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Maintained by Ulm University, Alexander Bias, Luca Bösch
Moodle plugin which lets admins deliver a certain theme based on a user's custom profile field
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Moodle core provides multiple mechanims to deliver a certain theme in certain contexts: Course themes, category themes and the site theme. Additionally, users can be allowed to set their preferred theme as user theme in their user profile settings.

Now, larger or fragmented Moodle installations may have multiple themes installed with each theme targeted at a certain group of users. Course or category themes might not completely match the needs for this scenario and asking each user to set the theme he should use in his user profile settings himself is simply unprofessional overkill.

On the other hand these large or fragmented Moodle installations might already have some custom user profile fields - for example a field which contains a user's faculty - which can be leveraged to decide which theme a user should be delivered. This plugin implements a simple solution to deliver a certain theme based on a user's custom profile field.

Please see README file for details about the usage and features of this plugin.

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Ulm University (Lead maintainer)
Alexander Bias: Maintainer
Luca Bösch: Maintainer
Davo Smith: Initial Developer
Kathrin Osswald: Developer
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