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Maintained by Jez H, Manoj Solanki, Garth Williamson, Ionut Marchis, Dez Glidden, Catalyst IT, Kevin Moore
Barcode scanning for Physical Assignment Submissions
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A local plugin to handle the scanning of barcodes generated through the associated Physical Submission plugin.

When phyiscal submission is enabled on an assignment students are able to print a cover sheet with a barcode.
This local plugin allows these barcodes to be scanned with a generic barcode scanner marking them "submitted".

This plugin was designed to use web services in the event that a mobile app is required at a later date.
For this plugin to work in a browser you will need to:

1) Create a dummy user account
2) Assign them the permission / capability to scan barcodes
3) Create  web service token for this user

The pluign will look for a valid dummy token when scanning, so a valid web service token must exist.

This does not affect access or permissions of the plugin which still require the logged in user to have the required capability.

To use this plugin you will also require the assignment submission plugin:

The Physical Submission Plugins were develpoed for Coventry University by Catalyst IT Europe


This plugin is part of set Physical assignment submissions.


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