Generico Filter

Generico is a simple filter for creating templates of code snippets and text that can be inserted into Moodle text areas.

Generico Icon

A companion for Poodll's Generico filter. It makes available a select button, and a form for each Generico filter template from a popup dialog.


Page Header Logo for Generico This Generico preset allows a user to add a logo to the course page header in the standard Boost theme.


This is a Generico filter to add a YouTube video as a BACKGROUND to a Moodle Course. It allows a user to easily add the video and simple details to the course without blocking out the exiting resources.


This a page background image for Moodle that allows you to "brand" a Moodle page with a background image in the standard Boost/Classic themes(not tested in others).

Welcome User

This is a simple template which demonstrates how to show the current user's name and picture on the page.


Lightbox 2 will display any content between the tags in a lightbox.


The lightbox allows you to set a piece of text as a trigger, that when clicked displays content in a box above.


This uses highlight.js ( ) to display code snippets nicely.

Warning Box

This displays a warning box with an icon and your text. It loads font-awesome from CDN.

Info Box

The info box displays a text message with a font awesome icon. It loads font-awesome from CDN.

Personal Tag

This displays a ribbon style alert message with the current user's name.

QR Code

A simple QR code generator.


Select the type of chart that you want, and other options.


Tabs separate content by heading and are an efficient way to organize data and avoid lots of scrolling.

Pie Chart

A simple pie chart generator.


A simple YouTube video viewer.

QR Code

A simple QR code generator

Button Maker

The button maker widget is a Bootstrap button maker. It allows the user to select a button style from those supported by Bootstrap, and to specify a link and button caption for the button