Custom certificate

Enables the creation of dynamically generated certificates with complete customisation via the web browser.


This module allows for the dynamic generation of certificates based on predefined conditions set by the teacher. NOTE: This plugin is no longer receiving any new features. Only bug fixes are being applied. I have been working on a new plugin which can be located at which allows complete customisation of the PDF via the browser, whereas this plugin requires FTP and PHP knowledge. Both plugins can be installed on a site at once with no issues.

Simple Certificate

This is a new activity module, Simple Certificate,which no needs to change any code to add a new certificate format, and moodle's administrator don't need to upload image files. The certificate text are full customizable, using special text marks that will be replaced by variables (like student name, course name, grade, ...), don't need to change any translation file.

Workplace certificate manager

Design, issue and verify digital certificates. This plugin is fully compatible with Moodle LMS.

Workplace course certificate

Automatically issue digital certificates to course participants. This plugin is fully compatible with Moodle LMS.

Accredible Certificates and Badges

Accredible lets you issue digital certificates, open badges, or Blockchain credentials from your Moodle instance. They are a feature-rich replacement for the PDF certificates normally generated for your courses.

Download Certificates

This block displays all the previously issued certificates without having to go into each course to view them. You will also be able to download the certificates directly from the block report. It will also work for courses that needs to be archived but still want students to be able to download the certificate. You will need to make sure you change the course visibility 'Enrolled users only' and hide all other resources except the certificates. New Feature: All previously issued certificates can be downloaded as Zipped file. Contributed by Neeraj KP (kpneeraj).

Verify Certificate

This block helps course / site administrators to check / verify certificates based on the code printed on the certificate. It will list all the details for the certificates so it can be manually verified against the copy of the certificate. Requirement: The certificate module is required for this plugin to work. In order for this plugin to work you need to make sure the "Print Code" is set to Yes under the certificate 'Text options'.

My Certificates

A plugin to display the user's issued certificates from Simple Certificate and Custom Certificate activities.

Download Certificates (NOW ARCHIVED - SEE NOTES)

NOW ARCHIVED - PLEASE SEE NOTES. This block displays all the previously issued certificates without having to go into each course to view them. You will also be able to download the certificates directly without having to go into the course themselves. It will also work for courses that needs to be archived but still want students to be able to download the certificate.

LinkedIn certificates Activity

This plugin allows you to create certificates that can be automatically linked to a linkedin account.

CertificatesWall profile

This plugin is used to display user's achievements in the profile. The plugins pulls user's data from and display "Certificates Wall" for the user in his Moodle profile. If the user has no profile on then nothing is displayed.

Certificates Wall

The module makes a course completion certificate for students. The certificate is issued to a student's wall on . And the certificate can be printed (in format A4).

Multi select menu custom user profile field

A multiselect menu as a custom user profile field for Moodle. How it could be useful: This new custom profile field type could be used in many cases like: 1. You have to differentiate users into groups and one user could be part of multiple groups 2. You want to take inputs from user at the time of registration or you manually want to fill some information for users like education, certificates they have done. 3. There could be various other cases like this,


This plugin is used to generate periodical training certificates for students on a massive scale, based on learning milestones completion.

Enrollments And Transcripts

This block displays the courses enrolled by the users with the enrolled date. This block also displays the course transcripts once the user completes the course with any of the course completion criteria. Note: This block need the "certificate" module to be installed to get the transcripts.

My Education Path

This module integrates a Moodle site with the online courses directory. The module allows to publish Moodle courses in the directory (courses hub) , issue certificates of course completion and get feedback from students in form of comments to a course in the directory.


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Open Badge Factory

Issue Open Badges created in Open Badge Factory from Moodle, and display badges issued to users.

Get Key

Get API Key from (Usefull for vmchat, Virtual Class and onetoone plugin)

Pop up activities

The Pop up activities course format displays resources and simple activities embedded in modals instead of redirecting from the course page.

Growth report

The report shows historical information using graphs about your Moodle installation.

Restriction by course progress

This plugin allows teachers to add activities with restriction based on the student course completion progress.


Weather is a Moodle block to show the realtime weather of the user using the geolocation.

DM e-Learning

This is a Moodle Plugin to access/use Digital Media e-Learning course content as a Moodle Activity rather than users accessing the "DM e-learning" website directly. This plugin is only useful for Moodle Managers that have been granted ELMO API access to "Digital Media e-Learning" courses with valid application settings.