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This category lists code that does not conform to any standard plugin type. It is also for plugins which do not yet meet all the different standards. The code here requires special attention during the installation, and sometimes even needs hacks to core.

Plugins in this category are excluded from automatic updates. The code here is more likely to break when you upgrade Moodle and we generally do not recommend installing it unless you have Moodle developers on hand to help maintain it.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! You have been warned.

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Related plugin types

Various software that is not implemented as a Moodle plugin yet may provide useful functionality related to Moodle.
Templates for use with the Generico filter.
Templates for use with the VideoEasy filter.
Templates for use with the PoodLL filter.
Moodle plugins that require specific environment, extra attention during the installation, or custom core patches applied to make them work.
Moodle plugins that do not yet meet all the different standards and criteria to be listed in the matching plugins category.