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Maintained by Andrew Zito
[RETIRED] A block which displays users marked as temporarily enrolled by the local_temporary_enrolments plugin.
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README for Temporary Enrolments Block

[RETIRED] This plugin is no longer maintained and there will be no further releases.

developed by Andy Zito at Hampshire College

version: 0.0 2016-07-14


Unzip files into your Moodle blocks directory. This will create a folder called temporary_enrolments.

Go to the admin Notifications page to complete installation.

This block requires the temporary_enrolments plugin to function.


Add this block to any course that uses temporary enrolment.

  • For any user who is temporarily enrolled in the course, it will display the status of their enrolment and the time left until it expires.

  • For teachers/administrators, it will display a list of students who are temporarily enrolled and their time remaining.


You can configure:

  1. The 'urgency threshold' for temporary enrolment display. 'Urgent' temporary enrolments will display more aggressively to teachers and students -- for example, being highlighted in the table of all temporary enrolments. The settings specifies how close to the expiration date an enrolment must be to count as urgent.

  2. The message displayed to students, which defaults to something like: "Time remaining in temporary enrolment: 2 days"


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Andrew Zito (Lead maintainer)
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