Blocks ::: block_quickmail
Maintained by Buddy Ethridge, Robert Russo
A block that provides selective, bulk emailing within courses. Developed by LSU.
Latest release:
3575 sites
100 fans
Current versions available: 6

Quickmail is a block that provides selective, bulk emailing within courses.


  • Multiple attachments
  • Drafts
  • Signatures
  • Filter by Role
  • Filter by Groups
  • Optionally allow Students to email people within their group.


Quickmail adopts the same license that Moodle does.


Quickmail was developed at Louisiana State University.

Potential privacy issues

The Privacy API is not implemented in this plugin.


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Buddy Ethridge (Lead maintainer)
Robert Russo: Lead Maintainer
Philip Cali: Former Lead Developer
jason peak: Former maintainer
David Elliott: Former maintainer
It's me!
Chad Mazilly: Former Maintainer
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  • Thu, Apr 16, 2015, 4:49 AM
    @Ricardo , what is your question? The 1.5.1 version is just the 1.5.0 version without the auto directories mac osx puts in things occasionally. If it doesn't work correctly use 1.5.0
  • Ricardo Caiado
    Thu, Apr 16, 2015, 5:58 AM
    I updated my server with this package (1.5.1), but the notification area keeps saying there is a new version "1.5.1" available.

    "$plugin->version = 2014042914;"

    The file I downloaded is "...2014042915.zip"

  • Ricardo Caiado
    Thu, Apr 16, 2015, 11:25 PM
    The "version.php" included in this package ("block_quickmail_moodle28_2014042915.zip") says it's version "1.5.0", not "1.5.1"


    $plugin->version = 2014042914;
    $plugin->requires = 2013051400;
    $plugin->release = "v1.5.0";
    $plugin->maturity = MATURITY_STABLE;

  • Fri, Apr 17, 2015, 2:38 AM
    Hi David,

    Sorry for the late response from my end. I spent last couple of days testing out various combination of backup and restore, with or without the user date and quickmail history, from one server to another server etc.

    Good news ... the newer version of quickmail plugin (2015122912, v1.5.0) is actually working with the backup/restore as expected.

    Bad news ... the ORACLE error 01722 that I ran into is only linked to that particular course. From the error snippet, does 'o_itemid' => '' string means no value to pass in as a parameter? Would that be the problem (because this column is no-null field? If yes, what would cause this no-value?

    So far other courses that I have run all passed the test.

    If you can help me to understand what causes it, I will be in a better position next time.

    Thanks a lot.
  • Sat, Apr 18, 2015, 1:29 AM
    I get the following error while trying to restore a course WITH Quickmail history set to "yes" (in courses with a history to restore). I'm using Moodle version: 2.6.10 (2013111810) and Quickmail version 2014042915, but the problem existed with 2014022713, as well.

    More information about this error
    Debug info:
    Error code: unknown_context_mapping
    $a contents: error
    Stack trace:
    • line 887 of /backup/util/dbops/restore_dbops.class.php: restore_dbops_exception thrown
    • line 75 of /blocks/quickmail/backup/moodle2/restore_quickmail_stepslib.php: call to restore_dbops::send_files_to_pool()
    • line 41 of /blocks/quickmail/backup/moodle2/restore_quickmail_stepslib.php: call to restore_quickmail_log_structure_step->process_log()
    • line 137 of /backup/util/plan/restore_structure_step.class.php: call to restore_quickmail_log_structure_step->process_block()
    • line 103 of /backup/util/helper/restore_structure_parser_processor.class.php: call to restore_structure_step->process()
    • line 123 of /backup/util/xml/parser/processors/grouped_parser_processor.class.php: call to restore_structure_parser_processor->dispatch_chunk()
    • line 204 of /backup/util/xml/parser/progressive_parser.class.php: call to grouped_parser_processor->after_path()
    • line 284 of /backup/util/xml/parser/progressive_parser.class.php: call to progressive_parser->inform_end()
    • line ? of unknownfile: call to progressive_parser->end_tag()
    • line 175 of /backup/util/xml/parser/progressive_parser.class.php: call to xml_parse()
    • line 154 of /backup/util/xml/parser/progressive_parser.class.php: call to progressive_parser->parse()
    • line 110 of /backup/util/plan/restore_structure_step.class.php: call to progressive_parser->process()
    • line 181 of /backup/util/plan/base_task.class.php: call to restore_structure_step->execute()
    • line 177 of /backup/util/plan/base_plan.class.php: call to base_task->execute()
    • line 167 of /backup/util/plan/restore_plan.class.php: call to base_plan->execute()
    • line 333 of /backup/controller/restore_controller.class.php: call to restore_plan->execute()
    • line 184 of /backup/util/ui/restore_ui.class.php: call to restore_controller->execute_plan()
    • line 99 of /backup/restore.php: call to restore_ui->execute()

    Thanks, in advance, for your help!
  • Tue, Apr 21, 2015, 11:33 PM
    Has anyone else experienced any issue with upgrade? The plugin manager indicated there is an update, then I tried to install it from there, it keep going back to the click here to install. It never gets updated. I have 2.8.5+ running.

    Thank you.
  • Tue, May 5, 2015, 11:47 PM
    I have submitted my issue, posted on April 17th, to Github: https://github.com/lsuits/quickmail/issues/179
  • Wed, May 13, 2015, 10:02 PM

    When I send a mail to users with an attachment, the user gets more info then I want.

    Moodle Attachments (Download All)

    Is this info normal? Can I disable this message?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Wed, May 13, 2015, 11:46 PM
    Hello Kees Koopman. You can definitely edit the string file in the language file. Do you know how to do that? You can probably even do it through the moodle web site interface, I'm not sure though. https://docs.moodle.org/29/en/Language_customisation .

    What info do you not want people to see?

    There isn't an option to disable the message inside of quickmail though.
  • Thu, May 14, 2015, 1:09 AM
    Thanks, I shall have a look!
  • Sat, May 23, 2015, 6:03 AM
    So I'm wondering is there a quickmail version for 2.8 and 2.9? I see a download and install now button for 2.7, but nothing for 2.8 or 2.9. This is very critical to our program. We are currently using 2.4, but will be upgrading in a few days. I'm wondering if we need to move only to 2.7 to insure Quickmail is available.
  • Sat, May 23, 2015, 6:26 AM
    Hi Adele Shemberger

    QM works in 2.8. The latest version does seem to have a restore and backup bug I'm working out currently. But other than that it seems to be ok. I know some other large universities that have been using it. LSU is still on 2.7. I will be uploading a new version of QM when we upgrade which I'm not sure when that will be.
  • Thu, Aug 6, 2015, 2:43 PM
    Does QM works for moodle 2.9.1+ ? I am currently facing a problem which my QM doesn't seen to work on my moodle 2.9.1+ as the email I composed doesn't reach to the target recipient. Installation are fine and I wonder if there's any thing I need to be aware of in configuration of QM. Please help me and I'am looking forward for the reply. Thanks.
  • Thu, Aug 13, 2015, 10:22 PM
    Atto autosave overwrites contents of history

    Go to Quickmail->View History
    Open an email.
    Wait for the time that the atto editor is set to autosave (default 1 min) 'Draft saved' will flash.
    Go to Quickmail->View History
    Open a different email.
    The content displayed is that of the first email opened. It is the same for every email.
    Turn JS off and the correct content is displayed.

    A record is created in editor_atto_autosave that is used to overwrite the content of every email text editor box.
  • Fri, Aug 14, 2015, 1:53 AM
    @Edward Chong,
    QM does work for 2.9.1 , if there are no errors thrown it could be a problem with how email is set up on your moodle server. I can't think of any config setting related to QM that would affect that though. If you do discover something let me know!
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