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Maintained by Valery Fremaux
Publishflow reveals a strong MNET based course publishing architecture for providing a high level service for moving, cataloging, preproducing courses and organize several moodles as a courseware production supersystem.
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This is an upgraded version of the Publishflow block from Pairformance/Intel TAO moodle implementations organising a course transportation layer over MNET between moodle nodes bound together in a coherent content installation.

Publishflow tags Moodle instances in a "Factory/Course Catalog/Training Center" concept, each of one will provide a distinct behaviour to the block, and has induction upon how courses and categories are managed in Moodle.

The Moodle 2.x versions are the result of the French state level project "ENTLibre 2.0" Of the National Funding program "Investissement d'Avenir"


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Valery Fremaux (Lead maintainer)
Wafa Adham: Moodle 2.0 Upgrade contributor
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  • Thu, Mar 12, 2020, 11:01 PM
    Course transportation could be possible through sftp or similar solution?
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